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I’ve just finished The Book of Lost Things which was stunning. I’ve now moved on to His Dark Materials Trilogy; having just finished the first book, I’m struggling with The Subtle Knife. I’ve also recently read Our Tragic Universe by Scarlett Thomas, which is possibly one of my all time favourite books, I would definately recommend.

With ds, we are reading ‘Professor P and the Jurassic Coast’ as we are heading down to Charmouth for a spot of fossil hunting very soon, so this book seemed a good fit for getting us all in the mood, We’ve laughed out loud to some parts, it’s not the best book we’ve read but it is good enough to keep going! I also picked up some more paddington books in a second hand book shop for 20p each, so they are on the list next. We love Paddington, belly tickling fun! Oh and I’ve just ordered Five on a Treasure Island, Famous Five, to read whilst on holiday as we are hoping to get to Corfe castle, which is believed to have inspired Enid Blyton’s Kirrin Castle. Excited!

How about you? xx

I’m nearly finished with ‘Spiritual Midwifery’, my first book on homebirth which, despite the far out hippy lingo, has lots of practical advice. I’m excited to have the chance to put it into practice later in the year.

Not sure what’s next.

Enjoying rereading some Roald Dahl with the boy. Our first chapter books. smile

Mum to Kai (06/10/09) and Ari (24/09/15)

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Life is a bit tough at the moment and I am having to do a lot of thinking about the future, so my reading choices have been fairly unchallenging, pleasant escapism. I’ve just finished Balancing Act by Joanna Trollope, and have started A Year of Doing Good by Judith O’Reilly.

I’m also finding it fun to go through some cookery books I haven’t picked up for a while, and Alys Fowler’s books for a bit of gardeny type inspiration.

Trying to do everything - failing madly!

Being constantly & lovingly educated by daughter Freya, 19 cheese

Aww how exciting dandelionseed! We’ve read a couple of roald dahl here too, ds loves George’s marvellous medicine, my favourite from childhood was esio trot (but hated the recent tv adaptation) and also the twits, sheer genius grin

I’m sorry to hear life if tough at the moment crystalmummy, I hope things settle for you soon and the way seems a bit clearer. I love a bit of Alys, no-one alse gets a look-in from our library! I noticed her Thrifty gardening book in the works recently though….I was very tempted but I held off as we need to save every penny at the moment.


How to build a girl by Caitlin Moran. I looooooooove Caitlin Moran.

We’re actually reading George’s Marvellous Medicine at the moment, dandelion-and-daisy. Before that was The Twits smile

Matilda was always my favourite - I felt I was just like her in some ways.

Mum to Kai (06/10/09) and Ari (24/09/15)

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I just don’t get the whole Roald Dahl thing…am I alone?!

I am re-reading ‘Fall of Giants’ Ken Follet after getting to end of Edge of Eternity and realising I had forgotten so much about the first two…

Anyone here read any Karen Maitland?  Friend just passed one on about the plague that looks tempting…

Ooh Gem I hadn’t heard of that book, another one to add to my big long list!! I love the film Matilda, I’m not sure I ever actually read the book -  one more! I have a Ken Follett one to read that I picked up in the charity shop, not got round to it yet, it’s so big! I think it’s for a cosy winter evening or two grin

Im reading ‘Mythago wood’ by Robert holdstock and also dipping in to several cookery books and herbal/plant medicine books.With my 10 year old Im reading’ A wrinkle in time’ and with my little boy anything that involves trains! x

Mummy to 4

Sorry, greeneve, we are all huge, huge, HUGE Roald Dahl fans in our house grin . In fact I think the BFG (our family favourite) is one of the greatest works of literature ever written in the English language, for child *or* adult. But hey, to each her own wink .

I’m just finishing up _Life After Life_ by Kate Atkinson. It’s great—very thought-provoking.

Preets, just noticed this post- I am not getting alerts again!
Maybe I need to give him another go then - I have noticed that you and I are often fairly in tune with one another on threads on here - not lest the teabag quest wink
Curiously, last week we did a book review session at our HE group and along with Harry Potter and The Gruffalo, BFG was the most raved about with the kids.

I finished ‘Girl on the Train’ last night OMG was a bit hairy scary, i kindof didn’t want to turn the light off to go to sleep but was a great read….

Well, if you do give it another go, I really hope you enjoy it! But of course it’s never something one can guarantee—I’ve found that your tastes can overlap 95% with someone else’s and still there will be that 5% on which you might disagree. Which is a good thing, I think, because if we were all alike life would be so boring!

lol - I completely agree, i am constantly being surprised when i think i know someone and they do/say something that totally goes against how i think they would see the world!  Having said that I will pick up a copy next visit to the library wink

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