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I am no writer and there are people here who do an amazing job with words so please forgive me if I don’t come across right. I really wanted to write about spring cleaning and living simply, something I aspire to and feel very important to the smooth running of a day and my sanity. I also have been thinking about this space and how quiet it is these days and maybe this is my effort to bring people together in somethings we do

Today I will be cleaning the doorway to the house. In our case this is the back door that everyone uses. (Some people thin this is our front) I will be cleaning and brushing down the door surround, planting up some herbs, cleaning the windows, removing the drawing pin from the door frame that held the boys birthday balloons in November and the silicon sitting my the door waiting for me to use it again before I eventually put it away. I need to water the plants and if I get time I will be doing the same with the front door that nobody uses but fengshui recommends that you do so to bring positive energy into your home so whether you believe in feng shui or not I think it is a nice idea to be mindful of your home that looks after you and your family and if bringing fresh positive energy into my home then I will walk through that door a few times today.

Anyone else what to join me today?

By a lovely conicidence I have just come on here after giving my bathroom a thorough clean for the first time in ages.  It gets a cursory wipe most weeks but not a proper clean.

I have cleaned the grout with a toothbrush and a little bicarb, the mirrors with vinegar and newspaper, scrubbed the bath, basin and shower with a little bicarb, and given the window frame a much needed scrub with a toothbrush and bicarb, I cannot remember when I last cleaned it, it was pretty disgusting!

I hope your doorways are now gleaming and giving you much happiness, my bathroom is!

No cleaning for me today as I have been at work all day and enough is enough after I’ve cooked the dinner!!

I just wanted to agree that it has been really quiet on the forum lately - several times last week I logged on and found no new activity, and worst of all, I was the only person logged on! Made me feel very lonely oh oh !

Trying to do everything - failing madly!

Being constantly & lovingly educated by daughter Freya, 19 cheese

Lovely thread so I’m joining in to get the responses!

No cleaning for me today; although I know it’s exactly what I need to do. I’m feeling overwhelmed, lacking in energy and stuck - gah! I know a good clean would make the world of difference but I just can’t be bothered. I have been out for a short walk across the fields, that was good. I think the nearest I’ll get to gardening is lying on the trampoline for a sunbathe!!

Good luck everyone smile

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Ah Sc If only I lived closer I would come around for a cuppa and then I would clean your windows and doorway for you while you sunbathe.

I only managed the back yesterday but I did do a bit of gardening as my Rocket Garden seedlings arrived. It was a good excuse to give the garden a tidy up. Today I have two poorly boys, one asleep on the sofa and one in bed reading so I am not too sure how much I will get done today. I am really enjoying this blog at the moment. The simple home bit. I am always in need of a bit of inspiration and I have just ordered the book rethink. SC Have you read stuffocation? It’s a really interesting read.

Sustainable mum, I hope you enjoyed a lovely bath in your clean bathroom. It’s amazing how cleaning and tidying can make you feel…once it’s done.

Crystal mummy - I have poped on a few times and noticed I am the only one on here. When times were really tough for us it was this place that kept me going and I was really interested in learning from other people. Where has everyone gone?

Curiously I logged on here this morning and before even opening this thread thought ‘oooh how exciting six new messages in a new thread and two new messages about my black teabags!!’ and then read the message and realised everyone else was feeling the same about the quietness of the board…tumbleweed blowing through cyberspace!!

Though i did giggle when I read, ‘cleaning…something we all do everyday’ and thought…‘ooohhh not really *every* day here I am afraid eekkkk!!!

I wonder what other threads we could start up to spark chat more as there are clearly lots of us who are missing it!


snowleopard - 13 May 2015 12:59 PM

Ah Sc If only I lived closer I would come around for a cuppa and then I would clean your windows and doorway for you while you sunbathe.

You’re a beautiful friend smile

I’ve ordered stuffocation from the library. Living with a hoarder is really hard work!

Hope your boys are better soon. My DD has just gone back to school after a couple of days off…

Enjoy your clean rooms everyone x

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“Internet marketing solutions that transform your online business”:

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LETS member 35

Ive just moved into a new home and i love it here…so so so much. So I’m finding keeping on top of things ok right now just because i do really love our tiny house such a lot.

plus it has all wood/tiled flooring so i don’t even own a hoover! Hpprah!

its very quite here now. I remember when i used to log on daily and new threads would be appearing before i had a chance to read the old. Tis a shame. But life, i guess. Nothing is permanent.

I’m currently running with the idea that if we go out all day the house won’t get messy… Or if it does I’m not there to notice it, plan has worked for the last 3 days, and out all day tomorrow… Just hope the sun keeps shining

I have been in conversations with my big children these past few days about their chores. They only really do their rooms at the moment but both keep asking for pocket money so I said that if they did some proper chores I’d sort out some payment (thought it was about time they learnt to manage their own money and work for it too). So I’ve been writing up a list for them both. Am really looking forward to them starting it as it will take SO much pressure off of me! I feel like I spend most of the day doing housework and it never looks like I’ve done anything at all so it will be nice to have most of it done for me. (Just keeping my fingers crossed they stick to it! Although both have things they want to save up for so I’m thinking they may well keep it going as long as I’m paying them!!).

As for me… I’ve not done a lot of housework today. Tidied the living room and swept all of downstairs. That’s pretty much it. Haven’t cleaned my windows in so long I have no idea when I did it so when the sun’s shining in you can see all the finger marks and cat nose marks!

Maybe I’ll clean my front door and porch this weekend as I love the feng shui idea. xxxx

Oh Gem, I am so so happy for you. Loving where you live makes life just that bit easier. So happy for you.

Gill, I have done that before but when I come in I just feel rubbish so I guess I just have to get on with it. I hope you are well x

Greeneve, there are only so many posts because I have such a bad memory on who said what. I can’t even remember if it was you who got excited by all the replies and then realised it was just me.

Skyeblu, Do you have a lovely tidy house now?

It is really quiet on here. I wonder why? I wonder why everyone left or where to? I like to think everyone is just busy.

SC Stuffocation is really good. It isn’t a how to do it book but I think it will be your cup of tea. I can lend you mine if I get it back before you get your library copy. The boys are still ill. :(

lol snowleopard - yes it was me.  I wonder whether it is a seasonal thing…are the boards busier when it is wintery outside?

Music & incense keeps me feeling in the groove for making my home feel homely. Plus good storage wink

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