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How much structure do you give to your home edding week ? X

Home Eding Mama of 2 gorgeous boys! Trying to live magically on this wild and crazy earth.

My two are nearly 9 and 11 and we have been home ed for 5 years now. My eldest is vey academic but my youngest finds any pen and paper work really hard.
I am a bit flexible, but I try to get something done every weekday all year round (no summer holidays here!), they do both wake up pretty early, and so do I, so I use this to our advantage,
Straight after breakfast they have to do 2 double pages of workbooks of their choice ( usually English and maths, but can be French, geography, science…..), or if DD is working for a Guide badge she can do some work for that. They also write to their grandparents every week or two. We are usually done by 10am and then head off to walk our dog. Doing a little bit of “formal” education reassures me that they are progressing and doing ok, I have several friends who are totally autonomous and although my children would be fine with that, I don’t think I could do it without regularly freeking out!
Everything else we do is not classically “educational”, just the stuff we do…. The allotment, cooking, we do a weekly litter pick at a nature reserve, help with our “village in bloom” planters, walking the neighbours dog, deliver magazines for the wildlife trust, weekly home ed PE group, weekly home ed meet up at a local national trust house, cleaning the house and looking after all the pets, reading, making stuff, shopping and lots of chatting about everything and then checking the facts online to see if I was right! And then most evenings one or the other has a club to go to (guides, ballet, aikido, Badgers, youth club)
Looking back at my list, I guess we do cram a lot in, but the activities have built up gradually, It will be interesting to see how our week looks in a year or two.

Yep, that’s pretty much us too.
I sometimes get a few jitters that they are not doing enough, but then I settle again.
They are learning well, and are happy & content children so that’s good enough for me x

Home Eding Mama of 2 gorgeous boys! Trying to live magically on this wild and crazy earth.

We’re building our structure.  Kids are 5 and 6 1/2.  We stay home in the mornings and try and get some work done.  In the afternoons we tend to go out with the home ed group.

We definitely change our structure with the seasons, but like Emily’s mum we don’t have ‘holidays’ as such.  My children are 6 and 10 and my eldest has always been home educated so I guess we have been officially doing it for nearly six years!  Can’t quite believe it has been that long.  We have recently been thinking about our week as we were too busy, we have come up with a new plan and hope it will work we will be trying it out next week…...

We get up fairly early and do our own thing for the first couple of hours.  Mid morning (on the days we are at home) we will do some work on our current project, at the moment we are studying Planet Earth, the last project was Astronomy, next they want to do Dinosaurs.  We also do some maths.  If there is a festival of some kind on that day or a day near it we will learn about that, reading stories, learning songs and making food etc.  We have learnt about many interesting festivals and world religions from doing that.  We close our mornings with dinner followed by a chapter from our current chapter book, a poem and once a week a chapter from a very old nature book that describes what is happening in wildlife for each week of the year.

In the afternoons one day we either go to a singing group once a fortnight, on the other week we usually catch up with friends, on another we go to a home ed group, on the other for a walk somewhere whatever the weather!

One day a week we go to Forest School.  It starts at 10 and finishes around 3 so it takes up most of the day!  We always have a theme and the day before we spend some time preparing this might be facts, a poem or jokes based on the theme or updating the forest school book we keep (families take turns to update it) on what we have learnt and been doing the previous week.

Our new plan involves having a full day at home.  We had been going out everyday, with two days a week involving being out the house for 9am and being out for most of the day.  On one day a week we had a town day, we are 12 miles from our nearest town, to do the shopping, visit the library, swim and then join a home ed group which meets occasionally on that day.  Now that the end of May is here we can visit our village pool so we don’t need to combine a swim with shopping.  We are going to try doing the shopping and library on a different morning and see how that works!

Another reason for needing a change is that both children have recently started at their relevant Scouting section which involves them being out one night a week each, I think they have both found this quite tiring as it has involved meeting lots of new people and being in a more structured environment with different adults.

If you had asked me a year ago what our structure looked like it would have been very different.  It was much more fluid and autonomous.  I have found over the last year that my children are looking for a little more structure and for me to facilitate some of their learning.  I am sure in another year things will have changed again!

It’s lovely to read how everyone structures their time, it’s one of the things we struggle with most I think. I don’t think of what we do as a structure, our time is mostly fluid and depends on how we’re feeling when we wake up, but I am noticing more and more that if I’m relaxed about being the container of our time and space, things slip and it’s usually the things that nourish us emotionally. I find having rhythm and rituals really work for us, so we have circle time before bed, which is so calming, setting the breakfast table the night before entices everyone to go straight there rather than to toys and play first (which ensured a battle to try and get everyone to eat), and I usually put some picture books on the table too so we have a read and a chat as we eat, as we were finding that on some days we weren’t even reading. We’ve been going out for a walk or time in the garden after breakfast, as that wasn’t always happening either. For us, its just making rituals to ensure we do the things we know are good for us. In terms of academics we are autonomous, so our learning doesn’t really look anything like school and that works for us xxx

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