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I’m relatively new, only posted a few times, but thought I’d join in. since last posting I have found out I am pregnant with our second, after a long wait, so very exciting. Unfortunately have had really bad sickness, and have been unable to get out the house for five weeks (got to the point couldn’t keep anything at all down :-( ), but getting over it now and can’t believe how green everything has got since I was last out and about!

anyway this forum is a great resource for all sort of people, and just because they don’t post doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate it, so lets definitely try to keep it going!


I still read and love this forum. Haven’t ever been a massive “poster” due to having hands very full with three under seven and tricky behaviour issues for my eldest. But this forum has often been great inspiration and support to me and I hope it continues to thrive.

Mum to two boys, Roan (Nov 08) and Jude (Oct 11) and a little girl, Amalie (Jan 14). Trying to parent as gently and lovingly as I can.

I’m still here too, and checking it every day still… don’t get around to post much… I was wondering the same thing recently, where’s everyone? I’m glad at least some people are still here. I’m going to meet some of you at HESFES this year. And I was wondering if there’s any GP camp gathering still going on? I’ve just bought a bell tent. We’re doing lots of home ed stuff too, home ed camping and soon we off to La Leche League camping. Toby is 3 years and 3 months old, can’t believe how time flies; he’s adorable. Just started to try for number 2. I’ll keep you updated on that one. See you around.

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I’m still here too:) A bit quiet maybe, but still here & have disentangled myself from FB for good recently, what a relief! This forum was literally my lifeline a few years back so I won’t be abandoning it any time soon, even if I don’t post like I used to.

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I’m still here! I’m on the GP Facebook page and to be honest it’s really not that busy either. I do admit to using Facebook a lot though but mainly for the great HE groups that run on there. I belong to far too many and it does so me coming on here sometimes.

We’re on the last day of our holiday on the edge of the New Forest and it’s been the most perfect week which we all wish had been a bit longer! xx

Im still here! Though dont get a lot of time to post these days.I use facebook only rarely and would love to see more going on here.Ill try and make an effort to post a little more often wink

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I’m still here smile Life has been (and still is) very busy and it’s been a rough few years but I still pop on from time to time. Much love xxx

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