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I’ve been having various problems recently mainly concerning tiredness/lethargy, a weird pulsing feeling in my body at night and headaches. After a wonderful week on holiday with none of these symptoms and then returning home to it all starting again immediately, I started to look into what I was doing differently and the main thing I came up with is the wifi. There was wifi on the site we stayed at but this was very weak. We normally keep our wifi on 24/7 but I’m going to switch it off tonight and see if it makes a difference, at least to the pulsing feeling. I had my phone next to my bed on holiday as I do at home so don’t think it would be anything to do with that. We have a microwave at home and at the caravan so the only thing I can think of is the wifi.

I’ve looked up info on the dangers of wifi and to be honest there’s not a lot of concrete info - only seems to be opinions and most seem to be that it is fine (probably because its not been about long enough to really know what the long term effects will be.)

Any info on this would be great. Anything reliable I can read up on? Not just blogs and personal opinion but official research?

Thank you! x

There have been a couple of articles in the mother magazine about this, I’l try and look them out for you, I’m sure they will have referred to research in those. It’s interesting, I don’t experience the symptoms you mention but I feel ‘edgy’ and irritated around certain items, we don’t have a microwave, the tv does it to me…interested to hear other people’s experiences xx

One simple thing that can make a difference at bedtime is a clock in the room; powered by mains or battery with an LED light in it. Do you have a bedside clock? It might be worth going without - say on a Friday night when you don’t need to get up the following morning!

I put my phone on airplane mode at night time and try to keep electronics out of the room - although hubby has his phone, tablet and wifi on all night <sigh>

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I insist on all wifi/phones etc are turned off at night. I think there is some kind of mat thing that helps…....I’ll check it out, I could be talking rubbish but read it somewhere recently! Or maybe it was something about getting your bare feet on earth or something???!!!! I’ll figure it out and get back to you!

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Thank you everyone. I had my phone on on holiday and didn’t experience the same things so I’m assuming it doesn’t affect me. It is our only contact and my dad is in his 80s so I’m not changing that one. We do have a clock in the room - it’s over the other side of the room and we have had various occasions when it’s not been plugged in and it doesn’t seem to make a difference. It’s also obscured by an ornament so its only visible if I sit up - purposely so the light doesn’t affect me - although I don’t think it ever did to be honest.  I turned the wifi off last night but was disturbed a lot throughout the night by ds2 so I never noticed that pulsing sensation. I’ll switch it off again tonight and see how it goes. If nothing else it’ll save us a tiny bit of money turning it off!

Oh and about the phone, I did read that if its not in line with your head then it can be better. We have mattresses on the floor at the moment so we can fit ds2’s mattress in and the phone is on the floor. I might put it up on the window sill tonight and see how that goes too.


My sister in law suffered with this.  I think she is much less susceptible now but in the past it was so bad that if she went somewhere where there were lots of wifi or mobile phones in use she would be bedridden the following day.  She ended up using a device in the home to help her conteract any waves that were in her house.  They got rid of wifi completely, mobiles were switched off, she had to stop using them and they only had a corded phone for the landline.

Her issues were part of complex health issues which the NHS washed their hands of as they couldn’t work our what was wrong.  In the end she discovered it was a childhood vaccine that had remained in her liver which meant that her ability to detox was reduced.  She was very seriously ill at one point, so weak she was in bed pretty much all day every day.  She is much better now but is still minimising devices in her home, but she is not reacting so badly when she is out and about.

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