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Following on from my previous post re gluten free, hit me with easy gluten free lunches for when we are out and about or off to the woods, please. smile

Mummy to 4 little pixies: Seren (feb 08), Merri (may 09), Nerys (june 11) & Lyra (April 13) My sister’s amazing bead shop

These are fabulous and fun, and if you are veggie (?) you can leave out the meat—they are just as delicious with an all-veggie filling, and as the article says, you can pretty much make up the filling depending on what you have:

You can bring the dipping sauce in a little jar, or, as I prefer to do, make a thicker sauce/spread that you can put right into the rolls before you roll them up. I like to make a nut butter-based spread (e.g.: almond butter, chili paste, a sweetener, tamari—be careful to avoid soy sauce if you’re gluten free, as most commercially produced soy sauce has gluten in it).

Another idea is to make a very thin omelette (one egg per person) and use that as a wrap for your favourite sandwich fillings. Or, if pressed for time, just spread it with pesto or whatever else you like, and roll it up.

And finally, if you don’t mind bringing a lunchbox and cutlery, then of course fried rice is a most wonderful packed lunch!

Thanks Preets, that’s just what I needed to read - open my mind to lunch beyond sandwiches. The crazy thing is I used to do non sandwich lunches before I had children, but it’s just so easy now to reach for the bread without really thinking!

Mummy to 4 little pixies: Seren (feb 08), Merri (may 09), Nerys (june 11) & Lyra (April 13) My sister’s amazing bead shop

doves gluten free flour makes the most amazing American pancakes.  We make them with oat milk and cook in coconut oil so except for the eggs they are pretty ‘free from’.  We use coconut flower sugar too which may also be worth considering ...

9.5 oz self raising gluten free flour
2 oz sugar (we have already majorly reduced the sugar from original recipe - you can’t really get away with less unless you go savory!)
1/4 ltr of milk
2 eggs
tblspn and tea sppn of melted oil

mix flour and sugar
mix milk eggs oil - whisk in jug
mix together
leave to stand for a little bit
then fry in a little hot oil turn when the top starts to bubble

Try Paleo recipes, we make the most amazing muffins that are Gluten, Dairy and Sugar free.  I usually make a batch each week and as they are so filling it keeps the children happy.

Any chance you could post it, Julia?  Sounds great!

Thank you for the recipe for pancakes, greeneve, we love pancakes smile I’ve never heard of coconut flower sugar before so I’ll lok into that.

Paleo Recipes look like just the thing I might need, Julia, thanks. I’d also love the recipe for the muffins if you get a minute?

Mummy to 4 little pixies: Seren (feb 08), Merri (may 09), Nerys (june 11) & Lyra (April 13) My sister’s amazing bead shop

I was going to suggest Paleo recipes too! 

Other ideas…..

egg based dishes such as frittata which you can chop into slices when cooled I make them with all sorts of ingredients but we especially love red onion, oregano and feta, we had that in a picnic lunch yesterday with veggie sticks.

Dips with veggie sticks such as hummus or bean based dips I recently made some bean dip by cooking up dried beans and adding a couple of cloves of garlic and oil and blending together, you could use any kind of bean to make that.

Fritters made with vegetables and a batter of rice or chickpea (gram) flour, water or milk (I use oat or almond milk) and spices/herbs you can find some recipes here

Don’t forget supplementing with dried fruits and nuts.  My kids go for those more than anything else.

In Hawai’i people used to take rice balls and sushi as picnics.  The rice balls often had something stuffed inside (bean paste?) and were wrapped in nori.  Sushi is pretty easy to make yourself so you can put whatever in it.  The learning curve on rolling the maki is low smile.

SAHM to DS- 10/08 and DD 11/10

Anna Jones - The modern way we eat is a fantastic book and one that gets used loads in our house. We just substitute wheat flour with gf doves flour. I didn’t know you had decided to go to a gluten free diet.

Gf pasties
Gf sausage rolls
Nuts fruit veg
Golden rice
Meat cheese and gf crackers
Gf quiche
Veg sticks
Humous and cuecumber
Cold left overs
Soups in flasks

when life gives you a rainy day play in the puddles !!!
mum to 4 sons 13,7,4 and 2
a daughter 8 years ,
and always in my heart my angel xx

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