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I am looking for some metal boxes for putting picnic food in for when we are out and about.  I have not been able to find any in my local shops so have been looking online.  It is really difficult to work out whether something is suitable from a picture!  So do you have any that you can recommend?  I want them to be big enough to take sandwiches or pasties or the like for three people and has anyone found one big enough to take an apple?

I grew up using tiffin carriers, which you can use to pack an entire Indian meal. I still use them in my house, both for packed lunches and for putting away leftovers in the fridge without using any plastic or Clingfilm. Some sizes might be big enough for a whole apple; all of them would be big enough for a halved apple. There are some on Amazon, but perhaps if you Googled you might find other online vendors that carry them—otherwise, do you have an Asian shop close to you?

Contact Jo at and tell her I sent you (Rachelle Strauss from Zero Waste Week) - she’ll be able to advise you on her stock, I have both a container with a moveable divider in it and a tiffin tin smile

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Thank you both, love the website you have linked to!

ooh loving the website too - especially the tiffin boxes!

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