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All welcome to a picnic in Ringwood on Tuesday 18th August, 11am - 1pm on the playing field at Ringwood Waldorf School.  It should be a great opportunity to get together with some other like minded families in the area.  We will be joined by Veronika Robinson as she continues her UK author tour.

You may know Veronika Robinson as a leading voice in the field of Holistic Parenting. She is the founding editor and publisher of The Mother magazine, and was editor for 12 years. Her non fiction writing spans topics such as blessingways, birth, breastfeeding, the nurtured family, wholefood cooking, adrenal fatigue, the menstrual trinity and more. Her latest novel looks like a great summer read, and Veronika will bring along a collection of her non-fiction books and novels to the picnic.

For a map of how to get to the venue, see  The playing field will be signposted, and we will be indoors for Veronika’s talk if there is wet weather.  Toilets are on site and a wholefood cafe and shop are just next door. The school is 5 minutes from Moors Valley park which is a great place to spend the rest of the afternoon with your family.

Let me know if you’re interested or would like any more details. 

I hope the summer weather is back soon.


Husband to an amazing wife and learning all the time from twins boys (Dec 2007) and their younger brother (March 2011)

Sounds great!! We are in Devon,so not very close by but would consider driving up for the day.Im a big fan of Veronika Robinson.x

Mummy to 4

Brilliant, I’m from Salisbury and always go to the Waldorf winter fair so know exactly where the school is. I’ll pop this date in the diary!
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