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Been trying so hard to get my iron levels up but they’re still too low (need good levels for this final stage of pregnancy especially for our planned homebirth). Should be 11 but went down to 9 about 6 weeks ago, then up to 9.8,  then this past 2 weeks I was advised to double my supplements and in addition I’ve been eating lots of iron rich foods paired with vit C for easy absorption and still it’s only up by 0.1.

I’ve had lots of suggestions, including jaggery , tamarind, dates, spinach etc. I’m not a big meat eater but am trying to eat chicken and tuna more often.

Any suggestions gratefully received as really want to avoid giving birth in an Indian hospital and would love to feel less tired out during this final 2 months.

Thanks in advance,  Laura.xx

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I have been getting my iron levels up recently after diagnosis of anaemia.
Been on iron tablets and all the obvious iron rich foods ( nettles, brown rice, green lentils, green veg, etc), but I was also told to avoid tea, eggs and milk as they all reduce absorption rates,
My levels are up significantly already (after 2 1/2 months),
Good luck

Spatone water worked really well for me without the side effects you can get from tablets. I just had it in apple juice or orange juice as the vitamin c helps absorption.
Any dairy prevents absorption and when my friend was really anaemic I remember she had to have no dairy for a few hours when she took her tablets. Obviously take care though while you are growing those bones.

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Have you seen the iron fish doing the rounds ??? You cook food with it in and it adds more iron to the meal . Only in small does but if done regularly apparently can increase iron levels

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Hey, can’t get Spatone here but was recommended it by a number of people. Luckily my levels were up to 11.1 on my last test so am back at a good level with 4 weeks to go. Was stressing a bit but in all honesty it’s pretty hard not to eat healthily out here. Thanks for responding.

Laura xx

Mum to Kai (06/10/09) and Ari (24/09/15)

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For anyone still interested in this thread, I’d warn to be careful with spinach, some sources say its rich iron content is a myth… due to a decimal point placed erroneously.

To be on the safe side & keep deficiency at bay, there are natural and organic options for supplementation - especially at this demanding time, balancing your intake only through diet might be difficult. This is a highly rated example of an all-around organic, natural supplement with gentle iron - I hope that helps.

Yep be careful of spinach…dangerous stuff

Hi, I’ve just come across this thread and have never heard that about spinach! I eat tonnes of the stuff as I have always thought it was a great source of iron. Going to have to google that one now, how interesting. Other dark green, leafy vegetables are a good source (as far as I know) and seafood is also one - although not the best idea when pregnant. I also make sure me and my children eat dried apricots and raisins on a daily basis (not too many) - it’s our energy boost on our walk to school.

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