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Hello! I’ve finally managed to knit a sock!! It’s been years in the making wink

But I don’t like the pattern I chose, and wondered if anyone had recommendations for a good basic sock pattern? Yarn ideas welcomed too, my aim is to gift some socks this Yule (as has been my plan for the last 2 years!!!).

TIA xxxx

I absolutely love this book… That’s how I learnt to knit socks.. However if you know already you might not need it…

Have you checked out ravelry?


The first sock I ever knit was this pattern on Ravelry.  Really easy to follow wink  but rather a simple pattern.  I am currently knitting a pair with this pattern which I love!  There are loads on Ravelry….....also have this pattern in my queue.

Thank you both grin The book looks really good, thank you for the recommendation xx Budget a little tight right now so free patterns are in all the way though wink Sustainablemum, the first pattern is the one I learnt with, but it did knit up on the small side, although that might be me maybe! I adore the second pattern - what yarn are you using? Choosing the right yarn makes all the difference, sadly I’m not all that good at it, and I dont get to actual shops very often, mostly ordering online, which isn’t quite so easy. xx

I am using a brown sock yarn can’t remember what it is tho!.  It is a plain yarn and shows the pattern beautifully wink

I love knitting socks, no specific pattern favourites but, the 3 things which make it all easier (for me!)
Firstly, try out different heels and see which technique you prefer, the heel section of almost any pattern can be swapped for any other style, and I have had a few beautiful patterns with horrible (to knit) heels which made the experience less satisfying.
After your first few pairs, try your best at doing the magic loop and knit both socks at once. No more counting rows, matching stripes every time and no “second sock syndrome”! When I started magic loop, when I got to the heel section I would move each sock onto DPN’s, turn the heel then put them back onto the long needle.
If you are not sure if you have enough yarn, work out the halfway point in the yarn then start at the toe and work up; better to be a bit short in the leg than have no toes!
Have fun

Thank you Gill, I’m not very proficient yet, it’s a very slow process, I hadn’t realised the heels are all done differently, that’s a really good tip. Even reading your sentence about magic loop makes me go cross-eyed, that sounds very complicated!! I have a good friend who is also learning so I might go round to hers to try it together! Going to peruse some sock yarn for dh’s solstice socks now grin

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