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...and it sounds fab!

Would anyone like to do another one, maybe in September after the Summer swap and when the nights start to draw in again?  I love the idea of a surprise book and a home made bookmark flitting through the post :0

What about doing for Autumn equinox, Sept 23rd?


I would love to do this, I’ve got stacks of books waiting to be passed on and nowhere to take them (the one charity shop in town can only cope with so much at a time as it’s TINY)!

I would love to join in x

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Me too!! Great idea and just the right time to be thinking about it. Isn’t it autumn yet?!......

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Sounds wonderful! Would love to join in smile

I’d love to take part! I did the last one and it was lovely!

ooohh…Kirstyanna, can you give us a bit more information about it?

This idea has been spinning around that maybe we could do a book circle so everyone who takes part sends their book on to a given mama and then also sends on the one they receive to that same person when they are done with it.  That way if six people take part everyone (eventually) sends six books on to the next person and receives six.  I also thought (!) it would be lovely if each person who gets the book write a little bit on the front inside about what they thought and eventually you should (!!) get your book back with a little record of where it has been and who has read it.

We could aim for people to shout out if they want to participate by Sept 1st then I can PM addresses across and then we can send books for opening on 23rd September, equinox day???

Sounds wonderful…yes please grin xx

I love this idea. I’ve been seriously lacking in inspiration for reading a good book for a while now, so the idea of a surprise book sounds great smile

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yes please. Sounds wonderful x

Crunchy hippy vegan mama to four gorgeous boys. Formerly known as bettywobble smile

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Oooohhh….I am looking forward to Autumn even more now smile

Haha that was me, feels ages ago now

One Happy Mama

Lets Number - 3

Ah…you are the sage then!!

greeneve - 13 August 2015 03:15 PM

Ah…you are the sage then!!

Oh now I’m laughing
Bless you x

One Happy Mama

Lets Number - 3

Hello mama4, lovely to see you <3 xx

dandelion-and-daisy - 13 August 2015 07:34 PM

Hello mama4, lovely to see you <3 xx



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