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Am planning for a homebirth this time around (first was 36 hour long hospital birth in the UK). Am due in about 4 weeks and now live in India.

I wondered if anyone could offer sound or practical advice on homebirthing. What worked, what could you do without, must haves or must nots? Good foods/drinks? Music or not?

Have been reading up on active birthing and have a really super midwife so am feeling good but as this is very likely to be my last birth, I’d like to make it as ‘nice’ as possible.

Look forward to some tips and thanks in advance,

Laura xx

Mum to Kai (06/10/09) and Ari (24/09/15)

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Awwwww…can’t believe this has gone so quickly!! We didn’t homebirth so I can’t offer any advice, but one thing I think is lovely that I’ve read on here is mamas who have been able to pop online when their labour has begun (assuming of course there is ample time lol!!) And mamas on here then holding a virtual space for you, perhaps meditating or visualising, light a candle, a little ritual. Or they text another mama who can post on their behalf!! Hope you get lots of good ideas to make this so special for you xxxx

I think it’s SO personal as to what are the musts and must nots.

For me, no music; I wanted to be fully focused, but others love to give birth to either relaxing or invigorating music!

I had a home water birth and the pool was a ‘must’ for me. So in that case you need lots of tarps and towels to go on the floor. I don’t remember eating or drinking much; I guess I drank lots of water. I used hypnosis - another ‘must have’ for me. And my husband in the pool with me was another ‘must have’. My other ‘must’ was my fave food for afterwards - luckily for me yogurt and stewed apples; but I had all that prepped beforehand with instructions on when I wanted to be fed. I also had a bed in the room so I could choose between pool, bed and floor and we could all just roll into bed once the birth was over. I needed a fire, not because it was cold, but because fire is an element that’s important to me, along with water.

Having someone there to hold the space was vital for me as I’m so energetically sensitive, but prob an unnecessary overkill for most people wink

I hope you have a wonderful birth just the way you want it x

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For me it was all about the water.I had my first in hospital like you,long long labour.Second was a home birth and third and fourth were homebirths in birthing pools and I have to say it made so much difference.Was so much more relaxed.And that was the key for me relaxing…so low lighting,silence,meditative breathing and visualisation.I drank water throughout and ate a tiny bit of dark chocolate wink to give me energy.And Ill say it again,really really relax between contractions.My third labour was only 45 mins and the fourth was 2 1/2 but with no pain at all apart from the delivery of the head.amazing and Im pretty sure this was mainly down to the water and being able to fully relax in it.Good luck,lovely!!xxx

Mummy to 4

Thanks for sharing your experiences and well wishes. I’m going to prepare some lovely chilled out music just in case and I like the idea of having some dark chocolate chilling in the fridge (our house is totally open plan so will be downstairs by both the kitchen and bathroom and even outside if I fancy a walk). I *think* my midwife has a pool of sorts so will ask about that. Our floors are bare painted concrete so no worries about cleaning up water etc.

Would love to try and get on here in the early stages. Would be amazing to think of the good energy heading my way. <3

Looking forward to a different experience to my first. Feel more prepared mentally and physically. :D

Laura xx

Mum to Kai (06/10/09) and Ari (24/09/15)

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Hi Laura-  -congratulations smile
I feel so fortunate to have had three amazingly straight forward home births but can’t say I gave much thought to what I needed for any!! 
I tried going in the bath with DD1 but hated the sensation of the water.  Would love to say I laboured through lovely meditation music but I didn’t do anything like that!
It was amazing being at home though and just being surrounded by all my own things.  Community midwives were fantastic - I was lucky to have the same very forward thinking midwife for the first two and the third was delivered by DH before the midwife arrived…
I loved ‘Birth Your Way’ by Sheila Kitzinger and read that before hand…

Have loved seeing little glimpses on fb xx It’s such an exciting time.

I homebirthed our second pixie and needed the house to be clear so cleaning and tidying so I could wander and lean, not be distracted.
I had favourite scents, lots of towels and a spare tarp in case I didn’t birth in the bedroom, I did in the end and I made the bed before hand with an extra set of sheets underneath the waterproof tarp and birthing sheets, towels, afterwards thatmeant no fussing around x

For me it was about environment rather than a place, candles in case I wanted it darker, music (I made a relaxing birth mix and uplifting/energising birth mix, the pixies still listen to them now), smells - this sets a mood for me and I used clary sage to help with labour but I mixed it with lavender, I also had neroli on hand as I both love the smell and it is a natural painkiller (can’t remember the correct term sorry)

I had put a box of snacks for me as well as others together as I always get hungry.
Taking worry out of my mind was important so everything was well planned in case I had to go to hospital as well x

Enjoy your preparations and lovely tummy time grin

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