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I can’t contain myself anymore, we have a new little one due to come into the world next March. It’ll be our 4th and I’m sooooo excited smile

Kind of daunted at the same time though! Anyone have any good stories about going from 3 to 4? The general response I’m getting to telling people so far is a look of horror followed by the question of whether he/she is an accident!

Happy mama to Ed, Max, Tilly and Ben. Still learning every day.

Hee hee!! Wow!! Congratulations!! Can’t give any advice I’m afraid as we only have the 3. Would SO definitely have a 4th if we had the space in our house!! (OR we could afford to buy a bigger one!!) Very jealous!! xxxxx

No advice, but many congratulations!

Congratulations! No advice as am only expecting number 2 in a few weeks but what lovely news! Xx

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Aww congratulations!! x

Congratulations!!I loved the change from three to four.It felt like finally we had a big family which is what I always wanted.And as family life is busy with three anyway it didnt seem massively more work,though we did have bit of a gap.Mine were 13,11 and 7 when the fourth was born so were able to be really helpful.
I hated lots of the comments I had from people though,like the ‘was it an accident?’‘Gosh ,your going to have your hands full’‘your brave!!’ or the rudest was ‘oh no!’( she did later apologies and say she just couldnt imagine it for herself rolleyes )

I think you will love it!! Enjoy!!!XXX

Mummy to 4

No advice just HUGE Congratulations xx

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Congratulations, how exciting!! Four is an excellent number of littlies wink

I agree with mummybee, the change is not that differnt from going to 3. Mine are all quite close together and I think the biggest challenges for me were not to do with the number of pixies I had, but just with having a new baby and other young children, so no differnt than introducing number 2 or 3 to our family. I love having four pixies, the house is so full of joy (and a little, ahem, a lot sometimes, of bickering which can be a little challenging when you’ve four to seperate), and they tend to be less likely to leave one out in play as they can split into groups easily. I definitely wouldn’t change it (well I’d have another but dh says no!).

People can be a bit unthoughtful with their comments on pregnancy when you get to three or four. We got asked if she was planned, were we keeping trying until we got a boy (um, no!?!), haven’t you got enough, and to get a tv.

Never mind what others say/think, enjoy your pregnancy and planning for an extra littlie in your family smile

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Congratulations!!!  good news!!

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Thank you all for all the lovely positive comments smile x

Happy mama to Ed, Max, Tilly and Ben. Still learning every day.

Hahaha!! I got the,  ‘will you stop when you get a boy? ‘too!! I just thought, ‘I’m not a monarch awaiting an heir you moron!!’ Some people just don’t get it hey. Anyway no advice either just congrats (I only have three - and people are like, ‘PLEASE tell me you’re stopping now! ‘Charming!
Happy pregnancy! Keep us updated on how it’s all going

And now mama to William too!

Aww that’s great news, I’m jealous as I think we are finished now at 2 downer
So exciting for you!

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