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Another one who hasn’t been on here for over a year - where does the time go????

Well since I was here last our life has changed a little- still HEing my three who are -eek- almost 11, 9 and 7. We have moved house from the Midlands to SCOTLAND!!! I am now the breadwinner and OH is enjoying (most of the time) being a SAHD (does that exist as an abbreviation??) we are currently in a small flat but are looking for a family home- trying to balance what I want (isolation and views) with what the children will need for the next few years ( ie scouts and access to social stuff). - they are not such loners as DH and I

Really enjoying better access to outdoor life styles- we skied last winter- as a day trip from home. A part of me is enjoying being full time again- I guess having DH at home all the time removes the guilt bit - he is having his eyes opened (heehee- has come out with some cracking remarks which prove even the ‘understanding husband’ lack of insight into the reality of being the mainly home parent)
Excited about how our lives have changed- it has been very hard in places (for a while I was living up here by myself whilst house was selling and one point I was FIVE weeks without seeing my kids- FIVE, yes FIVE-) there have been tears, regrets, loneliness and doubt- but I kept saying “short term pain for long term gain”

I don’t think we would have necessarily set out on this journey without our green desires- coming mainly from here and originally from the INEBG webpage.. But am looking forward to the next phase

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Sebastian (2004), Felicity (2006), Tristan (2008)

Home educating, thought provoking parenting, healthy eating trying to be locavores- but following our own way

AND finally admitting to having a blog

Wow - I admire your courage and going for your dreams!  We too are feeling a bit in limbo - totally get what you mean about trying to balance kids’ needs with parents’ needs, we have the same predicament.  We would love to move an hour away from where we are to buy a little old cottage with land but the kids don’t want to be further away from friends and activities they do now.
Very tough and in hindsight I would have made the move before these self motivated HE’ed kids were old enough to have strong opinions!

It doesn’t seem like a year since you posted at all wink


Hello! Lovely to read your post, and read how you and your family are, what a journey!! Fabulous to go skiing as a day trip!!! Xxxx

Hello again grin

Glad to hear you and your family have had such great experiences in so many changes.

^would you like to sponsor me to trek 26miles over Hadrian’s wall in aid of Macmillan cancer support?

Hello again and welcome back!!
Congratulations on your move.I would love to live in Scotland.I lived there as a child for a while and I loved the snowy winters and the wildness!! x

Mummy to 4

Lovely to see you back on here again smile.  Your life sounds like it has been a bit of a roller coaster over the last year but what a wonderful journey!

That explained why we havn’t run into you at any home ed things for ages!!!
Great to see you back here

Wow !! What a journey - welcome back xx

Home Eding Mama of 2 gorgeous boys! Trying to live magically on this wild and crazy earth.

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