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I need an extra strong glue that will hold permanently. I currently use super glue but I am SO scared of getting my fingers stuck together (had a few near misses) that I am all fingers and thumbs and keep dropping what i’m meant to be sticking. I’m sticking small fiddly bits too which don’t help with not getting it on my fingers. Can any of you crafty mamas recommend anything else?

Thanks. x

Have you tried using medical gloves? We bought some boxes from the pound shop a few years ago and use them for all sort of jobs where you don’t want to get hands dirty/ glued together ie marinating large joints of meat etc. as these gloves are thin and usually fit tightly you should still be able to do fiddly jobs. Xx

Would a hot glue gun be acurrate enough?

Thank you both. Had thought of gloves before but I’ve developed such a fear of the superglue that I’m worrying it will stick the gloves to my fingers too!! Lol! And I have a glue gun but I don’t find it all that strong to be honest (AND I’ve dripped glue on my finger in the past and it HURTS!!!)... anyway, I found a tube of U-Hu floating around and tried it and actually its pretty strong. It does take a while to dry but once it is, it seems to be doing the job. And the good thing is I can get it on my fingers and just rub it off. So I’m happy now. Thanks anyway! x

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