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.. The boys are playing
I’ve tidied the house…
I’ve finished the washing ...
I’ve just put the kettle on and the sun is shining .... how’s your Sunday going

Home Eding Mama of 2 gorgeous boys! Trying to live magically on this wild and crazy earth.

DH,smallest and I went for an early morning walk this morning in the glorious autumn sunshine and then my eldest boy had a football match.This afternoon I have been pottering around the house getting things ready for tomorrow as the children start back at school.DH is cooking a sunday roast tongue wink and then its early nights all round.x

Mummy to 4

We had Eggs Benedict for lunch with my brother and his wife who popped in whilst they passing through smile , my brother had a really serious accident in October last year so it was wonderful to see him looking so well and back on his feet.  I have been after holiday washing today one load of clothes and four sleeping bags (each a seperate load!) we have had wall to wall sunshine today so they are almost dry, thought that was going to take weeks to do.  Have also been doing some planning for our new HE project and back to learning after taking August off wink.

Tea is going to be spicy lentil and feta pastie with cabbage fried in sesame oil and garlic.

We spent the day in the garden yesterday, cutting the hedge and starting to put it to rest for Winter. DS was a star, sweeping and gathering and collecting and cutting. Took us most of the day. Then it was fish pie and green beans for dinner (first time I’ve made one successfully - only tried once before but it was a disaster!), baths all round and a cosy documentary on King Arthur then bed for DS. The perfect cosy Sunday xx

We have had a full on weekend but today the highlight was going to Giffords Circus. I am really enjoying the late summer sunshine too.

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