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I have been experimenting with baking without refined sugar with mixed results.  I have been using my tried and tested recipes and swapping ingredients which means most of the time I am left with a very odd tasting and distinctly strange looking biscuit or cake.  I think I would be better using recipes from a book or website and go back to my experimenting once I have got a feel for alternative ingredients!

So can anyone recommend any good books or websites please before my family think I have lost the plot completely!

Get the ‘Deliciously Ella’ book from the library and make the sweet potato brownies - GF, sugar free and dairy free…
We have just polished off a huge batch…actually the recipe is dead easy once you have the stuff,
Two decent sized sweet potatoes, cut up into little bits and steam (20mins?)
80g ground almonds
100g rice or buckwheat flour
3 tablespoons of maple syrup
2 fluid ounces date syrup
pinch salt
4 table spoons cacoa powder
Mix it all up and cook for about 20-25 mins on gas 4/5
leave to stand for 10 mins before launching in smile

Thank you, sounds yummy!  You have mentioned that book before has it got other good recipes in it?

She has a website!  Found the recipe for the brownies on there along with some other yummy sounding ones, thank you smile

haha…yes we are a bit obsessed with it atm!!
We were ridiculously excited when we posted a comment on the website and she replied wink
We substitute the dates with date syrup as kids don’t like the ‘bits’ of date and our blender just isn’t strong enough to blitz properly!
A friend of mine got the book from the library and took photos of the best recipes…inspired!
The chia cookies and hazelnut choc spread also foolproof smile

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