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What do you gardeners plant at this time of year?  I’m thinking more edibles than anything else.  We have moved our allotment to the front garden.  We weren’t managing to get there very often and with a new baby coming in December/January, that’s not going to get better!

We live in Southampton, it’s fairly mild and our garden is south facing.  So anything those who are more northerly had to have in the ground end of August would be fine here.  I’m thinking chard/kale and starting off some peas for next year.  What else is there?

You could try some winter lettuces there are varieties that are meant to grown at this time of year.  Also leafy plants like pok choi/pak choi (spelt lots of different ways it seems), mizuna, mustard leaves, perilla are all really hardy and last in my polytunnel over winter.  They are all great in salads and stir fries. 

If you are going to try peas I would also try beans, broad beans are really easy to grow. 

Garlic is so easy to grow, goes in the ground in October/November and leave it there till harvesting in August, just needs a water if it gets dry smile.  I have just harvested 45 bulbs!

Have a look at this site, it has planting by month:

Ditto. Winter lettuces, rocket, spinach and autumn onion sets all can go in now/next month.
Broad beans (such lovely plants) and garlic garlic and more garlic grin

Just thought of broccoli, purple sprouting, lovely vegetable and really easy to grow.

Oooh yes purple sprouting family favourite.. remember to net them well smile  Ours are netted but cheeky cabbage whites have still managed to sneak in and however much I check them a few still got stripped bare downer

Thank you all!  My straw bales are starting to decompose nicely.  I’m looking forward to having a little plot right out the front.

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