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My Son needs lots of encouragement to read anything! He loves to read Horrid Henry books over and over which is fine but is very hesitant to try anything else. He enjoys looking at picture books still and loves Asterix and Wheres Wally books but likes an adult to enjoy them with him!
He is very interested how everything works and somebody suggested National Geographic.  I was wondering if there were any other recommendations out there for an inquisitive little boy who enjoys learning about the world?

Thanks in advance

We had a subscription to National Geographic for a while it is ok.  It has quite a lot of adverts and quite an American bias, unsurprising as it is an American publication. 

I have been looking at an Aquila or Discovery Box subscription for my ds, I have heard lots of good things about both but haven’t actually seen a copy of either.  We are members of the RSPB which has excellent magazines for children, there are three published which are divided by age.  It is not just about birds but about wildlife in general.  The Wildlife Trust also has a lovely magazine which you get when you are members.

My ds only read non fiction at 8, he wasn’t interested in anything else wink.  I don’t think it matters what they are reading as long as they have an interest in reading something.  Do you have a good library near you?  If he is interested in something in particular then look for children’s reference books on that subject, there are some really good ones around now. Usborne books are fantastic at this age.  We also have a section in our library called Picture Books for older readers which is where you find Asterix and Tintin my ds at 10 still likes to read books he finds there.

What about signing up for the Lego free magazines?
‘First News’ is fab too

Thankyou for the replies
Yes, I had a look at national geographic kids and didn`t like the advertising and gifts…
Aquila is great, my 11 yr old get it - I must say though I seem to enjoy it more than she does! But that depends on your child.
Agree about whatever they read is better than nothing - we use the library alot.

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