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Hello. We are going to get the attic in our 3 bedroomed house converted into a lovely bedroom and en suite for us, so our 3 kids can have their own rooms. I have been thinking about cork tiles for the new room and was wondering whether anyone has any experience with cork flooring, in rooms other than kitchens and bathrooms. In my mind the cork tiles are inexpensive, an environmentally sound option, and will be warm for feet! Also, if one gets damaged it can be easily replaced.

We are both asthmatic and want to avoid carpet, but a hardwood floor would probably be cold and noisy upstairs.

Please share your experiences with cork flooring, so I can weigh up the options.

Thanks in advance.

on the recommendation of someone on here, we went for cork laminate upstairs and would recommend.  Very easy to clean, warm, and great for lego and other building!  I am not sure how you would need to fit cork tiles/seal them?  the laminate ones were just ‘click’ into place’ ones…I’ll try and find the link…


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