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Recently found some great free resources which I thought I’d share in case you haven’t found them too wink.  Good for home edding or if you want to do things with your kids at home.

Times Educational Supplement or TES is a great site with loads of free stuff, there are things you have to pay for too but the quality of the free stuff is excellent from what I have found so far wink.  You need to give them an email address to sign up but you can opt of annoying emails…....

Just discovered this one so yet to really use it reach out cpd it’s all science stuff backed by Imperial College, looks like a great way to brush up on primary science topics wink also free.  You needed to give a school address to access this one, I just made one up… has let me in…........

Fabulous I will have a look later x

Home Eding Mama of 2 gorgeous boys! Trying to live magically on this wild and crazy earth.

Fantastic Thanks for sharing grin

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