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Hello all,

My friend is looking for an alternative school (possibly free, no uniforms, where the children are allowed to go to the toilet..) in NW London for her 5 years old boy.

At the moment her child attends 1 day a week at a Forest School in Highgate (Into the Woods) so if they would allow a flexi schooling it would be a great plus.

Also the child is vegan and gluten free, the school he is attending now gave him the option of eating potatoes 4 days a week, so if there is a school that could cater for his diet it would also be a plus even though he can have a packed lunch.

She is not looking for the moon but just a school were the child is listened and took care in a loving way, not told off because it takes him to long to eat his lunch but maybe praised as he eats much more than his 5 a day wink

If you have any ideas that could direct her in the right path it would be a great help!

Thank you!!

Hello and welcome to the forum! Somewhere in the depths of my memory I’m sure there have been parents on here discussing something similar, if you do a search (I’m on my phone sorry or I would do it for you, I’ve no idea how to link on this thing!) You may find something. I hope your friend’s search is successful xx

Thank you, that was the first thing I have done but all post are either old or the school too far smile

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