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Hi there. My boy, Ari is nearly a month old already!

We’re getting on well with feeding but I could really use some inspiration with snacks that will give me an energy boost whilst also being relatively healthy. I’m getting so hungry between meals and I know that biscuits are not the long tern answer!

We eat a mainly vegetarian diet and most things are cooked from scratch. I can bake but don’t have a food processor. I already have a good flapjack recipe which has helped me through the pregnancy and beyond but otherwise am totally open to your suggestions. Can be savoury or sweet.

Thanks in advance, am looking forward to getting inspired! smile


Mum to Kai (06/10/09) and Ari (24/09/15)

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Have you got a muffin tin? You can beat 6 eggs with whatever veggies and cheese you fancy (some, like broccoli, might need to be par-cooked first), then divide the mixture between the muffin cups and bake (about 20 minutes in my oven). You’ll get a large batch, and you can just keep these in the fridge to be eaten one or two at a time when you fancy (you can reheat in the microwave if you’ve got one, although I must confess I eat them cold grin) .

I like preets idea.
I was thinking quiche sliced and popped in the fridge easy to grab and eat hot or cold.
Dried fruit apricots etc..
Sesame seed bars ( my favourite) x

Home Eding Mama of 2 gorgeous boys! Trying to live magically on this wild and crazy earth.

Hello!! Our third is nearly 5 months now can’t believe it! I’ve found nuts to be fab but I know some worry about allergies. Houmous and veggies, avocado cut in half with a scoop of cottage cheese in each half or olive oil and balsamic, a nice chunky piece of toast and butter, a bowl of cereal, oatcakes and mackerel pate or cream cheese. Might think of more later smile
Helen x

And now mama to William too!

Yes, you can also make hummous-style spreads out of other legumes and pulses (lentils, dried beans) for variety, and those can be spread on toast or used as dips….

Hey, thanks! I’d forgotten about hummus. I love the stuff, I always make too much when I make it at home but OH makes it at the co-op where he works so he brought a tub home yesterday. I like your suggestion preets, and you reminded me to make some savoury muffins too.

Love quiche, I have to make it from scratch and it never lasts long in our house but will be making one in the week.

We also get good sesame seed bars here, good suggestion. I’ve been getting through big bags of peanuts these past few weeks too, love nuts but we have quite a small selection here, mostly cashews and peanuts which grow here locally and almonds. I wish we got oatcakes here, maybe I can look into making some…

Thanks ladies, feeling much more inspired to stock/make some healthy snacks. smile xx

Mum to Kai (06/10/09) and Ari (24/09/15)

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How about a nice fruit smoothie? It is also good for your liquid intake and contains vitamins

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