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This is probably a lost cause, but: does anyone know of an eco-friendly kids’ bubble bath that makes proper bubbles? I might even have asked on here before, but I never did find any and DD1 has been asking for a proper sudsy bath “like you see in books” for approximately 4 years now (and she’s only 6 grin). I suspect what makes the loads of bubbles is just SLS, which all the green companies leave out, but just in case anyone here knows of an alternative, I thought I’d ask. I don’t want to spend the money on a bottle of something only to find it makes no more bubbles than what we already have, but I did think a nice bubble bath would be a great Advent activity treat (we do an Advent calendar with mostly fun things to do, plus a few small pressies). She does mean LOADS AND LOADS of bubbles, the kind that fill up the tub and make the bath completely opaque, if you know what I mean.

Lush! And they do all sorts of colours and and have an online shop x

And now mama to William too!

We didn’t find the Lush ones (I assume you mean the bath bombs?) super bubbly! Is it just our water, then?!? Do you get bubbles like this:

with the Lush stuff? (For the record, I don’t know that blog—I just did a Google image search for “bubble bath” grin) .

The harder your water the less bubbles you will get, so yes your water does have a bearing in it.

Is this any good?

Could you sneak a squirt of eco friendly washing up liquid in there along with something to soften the water?

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I use’ faith in nature shower gel and bubble bath’. I put in a good big squirt of it and it produces pretty good bubbles. Not sure if our water is soft or hard though .x

Mummy to 4

Thank you for your replies! Off to figure out if it is possible to soften the water…..

Method Minnie mouse strawberry fizz & Mickey mouse lemonade bubbles are pretty good, and we have hard water here! Smell great too!

We use JASON and that gives lots of bubbles

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