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Another dairy free question grin
I have started making almond milk but am at a loss as to what to do with the pulp that is left over.It seems such a waste to throw it away.
I did try adding it to pancakes but didnt like the consistancy. Just wondering if anyone else makes almond milk and what you do with yours?x

Mummy to 4

Do you have a dehydrator? It would probably just add bulk and useful fibre to crackers? Or what about putting it into some sort of burger or patty? I’d probably just mix it through rice and eat with a curry!

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Thanks starchild those are good ideas. I don’t have a dehydrator but it was something I was thinking about getting at some point x

Mummy to 4

Could you use it in baking?  It would be like a wet ground almond?

I make ‘cookies’ out of mine. Stir in some fruit like chopped squidgy dates, sultanas or raisins, add maple or date syrup, add spice such as cinnamon, press them into little biscuit shapes then pop them in the freezer until you or someone wants to eat one!

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Dry it, whizz it through the food processor, you have almond flour!

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