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I read this report on Guardian yesterday which not only reads like a children’s guide to pollution but also fails to mention pollution from aeroplanes. The skies on the south coast over the last few days have been filled with plane trails (literally hundreds of them), these then spread out to form a haze across the whole sky, I have not seen one real cloud! The weather forecast for today is to expect light hazy cloud gulp So what’s going on? have you noticed this where you are?


I am baffled by the graphics.  According to that map the air pollution should be as bad where I live as in London, which is totally bizarre as I am in a really rural area miles and miles from the nearest airport, city or really busy roads.  Clearly whoever drew that map up has never visited my area in their life before!  Air pollution is not a problem at all where I live, but I grew up down south and still have family there.  I can taste the pollution in the air when I visit now especially in the summer/warmer months.  I also notice that when I wash my hair the water is far dirtier.

I looked at the map too and was slightly incredulous and down hearted.  There are plans afoot to build a waste incinerator about 8.5 miles away from us which is freaking me somewhat re. air pollution and I am considering moving as a result…but looking at that map and hearing we are susceptible from pollution from Europe where would we go??!!

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