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My 4 month old dd has been sleeping through the night for about 5 weeks, and I wake up engorged about 3am, so I express (about 8 oz).  I do this partly because I’m worried about losing milk supply, and partly because it becomes almost painful if I don’t.  Does anyone know if this is really necessary, and if I stop expressing will my supply drop off?  During the day it seems about right, though she sometimes has expressed milk in the evenings or early morning (say 6ish) if hubbie is in charge.  Can’t see a way round it.  Any advice appreciated xx

Mummy to 2 wonderful boys and 1 wonderful little girl xxx

My youngest slept generally 12 hours a night from 12 weeks old and I didn’t express in the night. I am no expert, but I am sure your body adapts to what you do so if you feed/express in the night you are telling your body to make more in the night. I didn’t have any problems just feeding day time.

Breast feeding is based on supply and demand, starting off with demand and the supply will follow. By continuing to express the same amount each day your body believes it needs to continue to produce that amount around that time. As you are engorged it might not be feasible to go without expressing at night on the moment but it might be an idea to only express as little as possible just to be comfortable and not in pain. This will give your body the signal to produce less at night and generally the need to express will begin to reduce in a few days. If you continue to feed on demand during the day your supply should be ok. The body is such a work of art, it generally works very well this way! Only if you feed very irregularly or very little your supply might dwindle. The way to increase this again is to artificially increase demand by expressing again more frequently, and a few days later your supply will follow suit generally. Good luck! Xx

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