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So far my attempts at veggies in a slow cooker haven’t been good. Root veg are ok, but green like broccoli taste rank.

I don’t use ‘meat substitutes’, but I do love the ease and convenience of a slow cooker. Do you have any favourite recipes you could share with me for veggie meals made in a slow cooker?

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I think the trick is veggie stuff takes less time, so you can’t pop it in in the morning, and have your meal just ready for dinner as you would with meat dishes. I’ve not had success cooking veggie dishes in mine , turns out bland mushy mess!!

I don’t have one but wonder can you turn the temp down?  I use a tajine dish in the oven to slow cook veggie dishes but you have to have the oven on a low temp (around 100°C) for it to work. wink

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