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In case you haven’t seen this, 30 Days Wild is an month long ‘event’ run by the Wildlife Trusts.  We are joining in smile.  I thought it would be fun to have a thread/s on here to share what we have been up to?  Anyone else want to join us?

We’re joining in grin 30 days wild calender is up on the wall so we can record what we’ve been up to and so we don’t forget to do something extra (well prob more so I don’t forget..) Love to join in thread too..
Wednesday we built a wigwam in the garden close to one of the bird feeders then dd and ds used it as a hide to watch the birds..
Yesterday we had a trip to Natural History Museum - not outside granted but we counting it wink and todays plan is to build a new compost bin in Grandmas new garden and for us to investigate all her new plants
Have a great day x

Great idea grin so far we’ve had tea at the beach, played in the river, and spent the day in the garden, playing in the grass and watching the bees….not very adventurous!! We have a wigwam to build too, and we have some sweet peas to grow up it, that desperately need to go out now hmmm xx

dandelion-and-daisy - 03 June 2016 07:31 PM

Great idea grin so far we’ve had tea at the beach, played in the river, and spent the day in the garden, playing in the grass and watching the bees….not very adventurous!! We have a wigwam to build too, and we have some sweet peas to grow up it, that desperately need to go out now hmmm xx

The examples they give for you to try are along these lines!  I think it is really aimed at folks who don’t spend much time outside but I thought it would still be fun to do!

I think I’m too hard on myself sometimes, the things we’ve done so far are just things we’d do anyway, not because of the 30 days, but it feels like we’re not having many whole days out adventuring, which I would like to get back into our lives…so I guess I’d love to use the opportunity to focus on that. It’ll be interesting to see!

We’re having another day at home tomorrow, we need to do some gardening and the grass needs cutting, maybe we’ll build that wigwam! There is a very famous Labernum arch near us which is flowering right now, we have plans to go and see that and have a play in the gardens there on Monday. We also want to go pond dipping at a local place we went for a walk at the other day, there were huuuge carp coming to feed at the waters edge, it was amazing to watch them (though not planning to catch them in the net lol!).

We’re having so much sunshine its no effort to be outside anyway, happy wilding!

...late as ever, but just signed up!

Well, today has been a scorcher! We went to a local pond, took our net and tray, didn’t catch much actually, a few tadpoles with only just emerging legs, pond snail eggs….fed the ducks and saw the newly fledged cygnets, so adorable. We had our picnic with the ducks and had a lovely day out.

We are due storms here I think tonight and tomorrow, we have birthday preparations to see to over the next few days so will have to tie in something wild among that. Looking forward to hearing what you’ve been up to xx

Early morning breakfasts in the garden - loving the weather right now smile Later a walk along canal we came across pair swans with their cygnets so lovely we spent quite a while with picnic lunch just watching them then at home to work the veg patch with dd and ds bug watching. Found some huge ladybirds - yay they can help themselves to all the greenfly

Hope you enjoying your wild days x

We love 30 days wild and have calendar up as well. I blog about it on my twitter page everyday. Today we noticed smells & colours in the garden, yesterday we had a Wildcat scavenger hunt with baby cousins, we have also done a garden Bioblitz, set up bee bath and looked foe bees, made storysticks from natural materials and shown a friend our favourite local loch. DD said at start “mummy I love 30 days wild but really we do something in nature everyday anyway” When I thought about it we probably do but I love the sharing of ideas this promotes and the fact we probably pay more attention to what we are doing. ???? Enjoy everyone. X

“We are all molded and remolded by those who have loved us and, though that love may pass, we remain, none the less, their work. No love, no friendship can ever cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark upon it forever.” Francois Mauriac, French novelist (1885-1970)

Claire, Mummy to Eilidh (10) and Andrew (7)

I hear you on that one mummymilne!  I have gone for the lets see what happens approach.  I love what everyone else has been up to, all sounds wonderful smile

So in the last seven days we have done a hedge transact (was planned before I heard about the 30 days wild wink ), been swimming in a lake, paddling in a stream, watching blue tits coming and going from our nest box, taken the canoe out on a lake, watched sparrows mating, identified bees in the garden, watched a spider dropping a line, spotted flycatchers in the hedges at the bottom of the garden, sparrows feeding their young and a mouse running around exploring!

Today we are planning to do our village walk for a spot of foraging and some sketching, followed by a swim in our village outdoor pool smile

Great storm overnight we were up late watching the lightning. Everything is lovely and fresh this morning and our new raised pond is now full grin so we were out this morning having a look to see what’s going on. Yesterday we spotted a water boatman, lots of snails, our tadpoles and newts but this morning a little quieter - maybe they were up late too LOL
We love 30 days. It does make me realise how much we are lucky enough to do/experience every day and helpfully reminds me to be a little more present in here and now and enjoy every moment smile have a lovely day xx

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