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Hello All
Just received this email thought I would share incase anyone else has not seen it and would like to sign…
Thanks everso x

This is huge - the government has called on big cosmetic companies to clean up their act or face a ban on microbeads.
Our campaign is working - but we can’t stop yet. Every day an estimated 550 million microbeads go into UK waters - that’s 400,000 per minute.
We can’t wait for companies to set their own deadlines - we need the government to announce a full ban on any microplastics in products that go down our plugholes.
Please can you add your name to the petition?

In 48 hours we’ll be taking our petition directly to Number 10 Downing Street. The government are obviously feeling the pressure, so we need as many people as possible to add their names to this petition to show David Cameron just how important this issue is.
Please sign the petition and join us in standing up to plastic pollution:

A new report published last week says that microplastics are killing juvenile fish before they reach reproductive age. With another study suggesting that over 35% of fish in the English Channel are contaminated with microbeads, the impact of these tiny plastic-polluters on the future of our marine life could be huge.
Please help us make this petition as big as possible:

Have signed thank you for sharing.

Signed and tweeted

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