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In your garden/allotment?
The veg patches are so far looking promising, we have started to dig new potatoes and lots of chard that has overwintered.
Salad and radish etc are in abundance and my strawberry plants are just gorgeous, early morning sneaky red berries are amazing.
My peas also are rewarding me with beautiful pods.
Carrots sadly I hold out no hope for ! X

Home Eding Mama of 2 gorgeous boys! Trying to live magically on this wild and crazy earth.

So many strawberries! Using them up in milkshakes and smoothies. I’ll freeze some this week and make jam.
My spinach is ready to pick, a few peas too. Asparagus is over, sadly. Not looked at the potatoes yet. First 3 little courgettes for tea today. And lots of beetroot. Salad leaves- masses.
So much rain- everything is growing amazingly (including the weeds!)

Weeds LOL I’ve only got Corgettes in this year, but they do really well in our clay soil. I’m creating a super compost for next year though so I’ve got my sights set on an abundant garden for 2017.

Most things here are still little but doing well in the rain/ sunshine combination we are having here in Lincolnshire. Loads of strawberries and best broad beans ever. Carrots, as always, are a bit rubbish- the allotment was an actual building site 4 years ago- there was so much rubble and no organic matter to start with I’m amazed the poor little plants grow at all! Berries growing nicely, just need a bit of colour, won’t bother looking at the potatoes for another couple of weeks at least, fingers crossed.

I haven’t grown much this year but I chucked some potatoes in an old bag which I filled with compost from last years pots and they look splendid - can’t wait to dig them up!

I’ve potted one tomato plant in a pot on the patio and we have an abundance of herbs. That’s it, apart from some alfalfa in the kitchen!

I always wish I’d done more when it comes to this time of year, but yes we do have a plethora of weeds which the hens are enjoying.

We have clay soil too, Jez - courgettes grow into marrows over night! What else do you find does well in your soil?

Potatoes are ace here, raspberries seem to get on ok and runner beans always seem to thrive - I’m a lazy waterer, so I guess they can fend for themselves in the clay

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I’ve got loads of lovely strawberries, peas and beans are coming on, salad leaves will be ready soon and potatoes in pots.  Berry bushes are starting to set fruit.  Courgettes, leeks and chard are all in the ground.  I only have one tomato plant this year out of about 18 that I planted so very disappointed with that.

Mamma to Hannah, age 8 and Jonas, 2


Well, our herb patch is abundant and beautiful, the bees are loving it at the moment. Our blueberry and black currant are heavy with fruit this year, as are our strawberries but we only have three plants!! We have sunflowers that ds is in charge of too! My MIL just gifted us three clematis plants which are now growing along the wall, and we have jasmine too which is beautiful. We wont fill our bellies on it but the garden has never looked better <3

In our garden plot the slugs are just a nightmare long face  they have eaten all runner beans and 2 of 4 courgette plants Grrrr. Managing to keep them a bay with beer traps (literally collect hundreds of them) and copper tape… Dwarf beans, peas,broad beans, sweetcorn, salads and herbs all good and fairly untouched - phew.
Just put in some more salad crops and spinach/chard and put in more runner beans just because!
We lucky to have greenhouse too and has suddenly exploded into this lovely thick green of tomatoes, salads, physalis and new for us cucamelons LOL ( I couldn’t resist the baby plant at the supermarket) they are just amazing loads of tendrils kids have loved watching it stretch and grow..loads of fruit so be interesting to see whether enjoy eating them as much as watching it grow!

Super compost?  Do share…...

Lots of weeds here too wink.  Along with onions red and white, garlic, turnip, beetroot, cabbage red and white, kale, courgette and cucumber, these are at varying stages of growth from tiny seedlings to fairly robust plants, leeks which over wintered and are now ready for eating, lots of herbs, wild strawberry plants that are holding the promise of lots of fruit, the blackcurrant and whitcurrant are laden with berries, the rhubarb is providing us with lots of meals and we have wild rocket and masses of salad leaves to eat!  I have French beans seedlings that are ready to be planted out but no space to put them, those leeks need to be moved first and broad bean seedlings just poking through the soil.

Wow!! Very envious…I’m just too disorganised for veg growing I think k! We think we have a resident hedgehog and slugs and snails have reduced greatly in numbers….

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