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Hi, just wondering about essential oils there seem to be so many brands / prices. Which would any of you recommend? Thank you.

Morning RachelN,

I am new on here smile I am studying aromatherapy at the moment and the brands that I use are Materia Aromatica (a small shop in Devon & my first choice for oils!), Neals Yard Remedies, Star Child (based in Glastonbury) and Base Formula.

Hope this helps! x

I use NHR organic brand. They are pricey, but feel so different to other brands that I’m happy to pay more for them.
I used to buy Tisserand and think they’re a good ‘off the shelf’ brand if you’re just starting out.

Enjoy! I lOVE using oils smile

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We tend to use mother nature’s goodies, it suits our budget and we often get our beeswax, cocoa butter and things like that from her. Always pleased with the service.

a1mee - 29 October 2018 11:03 AM

hello there, sorry for bring up this old thread but need you help o nthe same topic—- i’ve been trying like a dozen of essntial oil brands and none seems to be to my liking so i’ve decided to make them myself by using ingredients from or buy in local stores..has anyone here tried doing soemthing similar and what might be the outcome/risk??

i hope this wikihow article will be helpful for you

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