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My kids just love all their veg when it’s roasted, but I can’t help feeling it must lose a lot of nutrients?

I know what you mean, we’ve found that putting a few cut up raw veg before the meal means they get the best of both grin

Yes- a good raw carrot and we have ago at every opportunity!

I’m new here, on the forum , tho have been lurking for a while…

Avo I meant!!! Avocado…..

Welcome, it’s great to have you on our new website. I’m struggling with Avocado at the moment as me and my eldest absolutely love them but from an ethical standpoint they aren’t that great as our appetite for them is fuelling illegal forestation in Mexico :-(

Hi SummerNight!  However you cook vegetables some nutrients will be lost, sadly.  I guess it’s about a balance of raw and cooked, although I have to say that I prefer cooked veg at this time of year.  You can always make smoothies too to increase the raw veg intake.   :)

I love avocado too I never knew about deforestation in Mexico, Jez, although sadly it doesn’t suprise me!

Hi sustainablemum!

Oh dear about avocados! :-(((
I’ve been making soup too, with a mix of raw and cooked veggies; when it’s blended you can add anything

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