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I am slowly working my way round the new forum, it’s very different but I am sure it will become familiar very soon!

I haven’t found a way to privately message other members has that gone now?  Some of the mamas on here were doing an Autumn swop this weekend.  If we can’t access our old messages I have not got the address I need ☹️, and wouldn’t be suprised if other are in the same boat!

Hi, you can access the PM’s from the green community bar at the bottom, apologies if any got lost in the transfer, hopefully everyone will be able to check in this week.

I can’t seem to see a green community bar.  Is it at the bottom of all pages or a particular one?

It should be on all pages, there’s a little green tab with some people on it..bottom right

Here’s a pic


I don’t have that button ☹️

Ooo nooo! Thats not right, what browser/operating system are you using and we’ll get that sorted out? The community bar is the coolest thing, you can see if you have any PM’s wherever you are on our site, change your settings, and if you have a business in our Green Pages you can update your listings text and pictures.

Hi, I am using Safari on an iPad.  I did wonder where all the stuff you have mentioned was!

I don’t seem to have that tab either. I’m on chrome.

Jez, I have that button on Safari on my MacMini and you are right it is great!

I have lost a few messages, it seems all of August’s, but I found what I was looking for!

We are working on a fix for this but currently you can only access the community bar on desktop computers. If you would like to check your PM’s then tapping this link on mobiles and tablets should give you access:

Website looks very swish wink It’s going to take me a while to get used to it too! I can access my private messages (I’m on a pc) but my season swap message has disappeared :-( Am I allowed to ask the recipient to inbox me their address or is it a surprise? xx

Sorry about the loss of messages, we had to take a slightly older version of the forums to port over to the new site. Hope this doesn’t disrupt the season swap, I love that you all created this grin

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