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Need some advice on choosing a remedy for my eight year old who’s having trouble getting to sleep - her mind is very active late at night and she gets night terrors. I’d like to have some natural remedy suggestions up my sleeve to help her. Advice? :)

There are a few things that worked for us. We found a book called What to do When you Worry too Much, which really helped. We went to see a kinesiologist and used the Bach flower remedy Aspen. A bath before bed with lavender and a pillow spray seemed to help too. Good luck xx


I really like to use lavender and camomile at bedtime. I use a lavender spray on the pillow for my son if he is having trouble dropping off. Sometimes I also make up a blend of calendula infused oil with 1 drop of lavender and 1 drop of roman camomile which I put in the bath or rub into his chest at bedtime. Earth Friendly Baby also do a camomile bubblebath which is lovely and relaxing. I always put an audio CD on at bedtime once we have read a story together and he is usually asleep within 10 mins of listening to it! My son used to get night terrors and I noticed that it seems to be temperature related, i.e. he is sweating and too hot when it is happening so I put cool pj’s on him and only use 100% cotton bedding and keep his bedroom well-ventilated. A great book for children and aromatherapy that I’m reading at the moment is Aromatherapy for the Healthy Child by Valerie Ann Worwood.

Hope this helps! I’m always open to new suggestions! x

My son is 9 by btw x

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