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Hi all.

I wonder if anyone can help me. We’ve found an amazing alternative school for our daughters primary school which I’m so happy to send her to- until this point I wanted to HE. But my OH is concerned about the transition from a very small relaxed, unstructured school to secondary especially as the ones around us are huge! 

Does anyone have experience of this kind of transition or maybe of HE to secondary?  

My thinking is my daughter will cope better at 11 then 4 especially as a summer born and as she’s due to start next year bit does not want to leave me! Whereas the alternative school starts at 5, is only 3 days and I can hang about!

Any thoughts/ advice/tips would be gladly welcomed!!!

Thank you!!!

It’s wonderful that you have found a lovely primary school for your daughter. You may want to HE when she leaves her present school because secondary schools are definitely not child or teen friendly.
Many local HE groups have teens get together to study different subjects and they pool money to pay for a tutor if they feel they need to.  But this is a time when HE children get to explore their passions so they tend to lead the way in their own education.

Hello Springy, the school you describe sounds lovely, I know lots of parents around here who would fight tooth and nail to get their children into such a school!

Perhaps speak to the primary school and ask their perspective on how children cope with the transition, what do they do to help the children as they approach leaving the school? Perhaps also speak to the high schools and get their perspective?

From a home ed perspective, lots of children start home edding at 11, as regardless of what their primary school has been like, the jump to high school has been too much for them. The opportunities open to teenagers who are home edding is rapidly changing too, so who know what it would look like by the time your daughter hits that age, it’s really exciting to think about. My point being, if you choose to send your daughter to the alternative primary school, home education would always be an option for her for the high school years, should there be no suitable high school to transition to.

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