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I have been feeling for a while that I would like to take up a craft but although I would say I was creative I cannot seem to find an outlet for it. I have tried crotchet and knitting but I am not great at following patterns. I have thought for a while about felting, particularly needle felting as I think I could happily sit and do that in front of the woodburner on the dark nights. I was just wondering if anyone on here does felting and what materials and projects you would recommend starting with? Or if anyone has any other crafting ideas I would love to hear them. smile x

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Claire, Mummy to Eilidh (10) and Andrew (7)

Hi Claire. I’m not great at patterns either. My crochet projects are usually just done without a pattern (I lose my place too often so I tend to stick to squares or rectangles that you can turn into other things!) I tend to do a bit of everything craft wise (although never done felting.) I like working with clay or making jewelry. But I do find the crochet the easiest to pick up she put down as and when I can where as the others I need to get it all out and put it all away when I’m finished.

I picked up a Makerss needle felting kit (the flower broaches).  It’s simple enough to follow and really lovely.

Cross stitch is very restful and addictive too….

We’re about to have a go at making christmas candles from napkins with a hairdryer!
I’m also a bit of a beading addict - that is a bit more “on your knee” than the candles

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