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We’ve put together some ideas for the weekend, what are your families up to?

It’s going to be weekend full of pottering I think! 

Saturday dh is helping a friend with some plumbing work, dd has gymnastics and is then going off to her friends for an afternoon of play, ds needs picking up from a sleepover last night.  I am sitting here not writing a geology project to do with ds as I am on here instead.  When I have finished ferrying family about I hope to get into the garden for some more winter tidying up and I also have a tray of tomatoes waiting to be made into ketchup.

Sunday morning will be full of packing ready for an overnight camp on Monday as I am d of e assessing next week. In the afternoon we are going to a party to say goodbye to some friends who are moving to Portugal!  I need a rest just thinking about it all!

Making your own ketchup that’s dedication, have you found a good recipe? I’ve found once kids have tasted Heinze they won’t accept anything else :-(

I am told it is good, I can’t eat tomatoes!  I have made 6 litres this year wink

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