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My dd 10 months is currently in a Moby, but sometimes throws herself back nearly right out of it.  Plus it’s becoming a hassle getting it on and off all the time.  So I’ve been thinking maybe an Ergo.  But then I’ve seen Hana, Boba and Patapum - and they all look great too! Does anyone have any experience with any of these, and could tell me how they’ve found them?  Also, is it possible/easy to get baby in and out of the carrier when wearing a coat, without having to take your coat off?  Thank you:)

Mummy to 2 wonderful boys and 1 wonderful little girl xxx

Hi Lee,

Slings are a very personal thing, and it’s expensive to take a jump by buying one straight away. I have a Hana, Tula, Connecta and woven, all which I love for different trip lengths/purposes - but I recoil at the cost as new, now. Whereabouts are you? Could you get to your local sling library? That would be the best way to choose - to try a few on, and perhaps rent one for a period to see if you get along.

If you are on f/book, search for and join Slings FSOT - lots of ideas there, and second hand slings for sale, bringing the price down significantly. Or you can rent online also. Search for online sling library or sling rental, quite a few sites.

Enjoy carrying, and good luck! grin

P.s. possible to get out of coat without taking coat off with most slongs and ssc’s, but you do need to unzip a little and bend your arms. You could get a babywearing coat, or fleece, or an extendable panel to fit to your existing coat. For back carries, a babywearing poncho maybe? Or I just turn a Lenny Lamb fleece backwards!

Hi - Babybjorn miricle carrier works for us… I used to have a wrap but this works a hell of a lot better. the legs dangle but I researched this well and happy that it gives enough support. I found a lot of propoganda between boba and bjorn in ref to this. Boba carrier just awful not a smidge on the thought out design of Bjorn. Goodluck

If you go to “its a sling thing” website you can hire slings until you find one that suits. Although you pay a deposit, you do get it back so the actual hire price is quite reasonable. .
I used a Babylonia BB-tai which they don’t have on that website but it’s a mei-tai style with wrap straps and gorgeously soft material. I used it from around 8mths or so until my son was 3 regularly although I can still carry him in it now at 4 1/2.. although he hasn’t let me for a while.


You can’t go wrong with an Ergo in my experience. We use a Close sling for newborns and then progress to Ergo. It’s easy and comfortable and pretty durable. Went for a walk yesterday. Took my six-month-old boy out and my four-year-old wanted to get in. It was still comfortable to have her in it!

We did have a Storchenweige. It made me feel like a Massai tribeswoman but in the end the Ergo just got used 99% of the time so we sold it on eBay.


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