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No soya….and not 100% chocolate, unfortunately cheese

Thanku in advance!

‘a’ challenge that is doh

I’m up for the challenge! This one’s delicious:

and this is good too (a bit healthier and more worthy but awesome in chilly weather)

Let me know which you like best…

Right I’m going to get cracking,,thank you Melissa! smile

Wow the mexican one looks proper blow your head offm brilliant!

Melissa Corkhill - 12 December 2016 12:27 PM

I’m up for the challenge! This one’s delicious:

Oooh yum! I must have missed this previously lovely thanks :)

What did you think of the dairy-free hot chocolate? I’ve gone a bit bonkers with hot drinks this winter - mulled juices, superfood elixirs, heated fire cider. Am reclaiming a bit of me-time and indulging most afternoons! xx

1 oz cocoa
1oz cornflour
1oz sugar (we use coconut palm)
500mls non-dairy milk (for thick dipping chocolate or more for runnier)
Heat on low heat, stir/whisk constantly - BLISS smile
It is a Paul Hollywood spanish Hot Choc recipe (kind of!)

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