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Hi, my son is now 4 months and is exclusively breastfed. He was 9lbs when born and on the 80th centile for weight, had a tongue tie which was cut at 3 weeks and so we expected faster weight gain following that. It did speed up a bit but every weigh in he drops below the centile line and is now between 2nd and 0,4th so we’ve been referred to the GP. 

For the the past month I have been expressing alongside every feed and have built up to being able to express around 200-250ml a day so he gets that by bottle as a top up. He is also a fantastic sleeper but the local BF support lady  suggested reintroducing a night feed so I now set my alarm for 2am and wake and feed him. 

He is otherwise thriving and meeting all developmental milestones. He is a generally contented little boy and a complete wriggler. Any advice or reassurance? Could he really be burning it all off by never sitting still? 

Thanks in advance.

Sorry to reply so long after you posted this.  My dd was 9lb 11oz when she was born and did the exact same thing as your son.  She was on a high percentile when she was born and migrated to the bottom of the chart.  The HV referred me straight to the consultant!  When I walked into the room for the appointment she told me immediately that I didn’t need to be there but she did ask a few questions.  She told me she would speak with the HV as both hers and my time had been wasted.  The HV never mentioned it again.  The consultant told me that my dd was finding her natural weight.  She was exclusively breast fed until about seven months when she started to show some interest in solid food.  Now she is seven and really healthy and very tall for her age so the consultant was right!

Waking a healthy baby in the night to feed it sounds ridiculous to me.  If he is meeting all the milestones and is content and sleeping well I would just go along with what the medical profession say in terms of attending appointments if you are happy with that.  But, that said, don’t feel that you should do anything that you don’t feel is right he is your son and you know him better than anyone. smile

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