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Anyone near me?

I am in Blaenavon (Torfaen), but good links to Cardiff, Newport and Abergaveny if anyone nearby.

I have 2 little boys, 1 big but friendly dog and 4 chickens. We have recently moved and are experimenting with self sufficiency and multi-generational living.

Would love to find some like minded friends.

Welcome Becky. Multi generational living sounds really interesting, can you tell me a bit more about how that works? Families have become so separated over the last couple of decades.

We live in East Sussex but regularly visit Abergavenny for walks in the Beacons, got 6 chickens too!

Happy New Year!
We are living in a shared house with my parents in law. The house is split into two parts, with doors in between, but not locked doors (although the grandchildren do usually need some help to open them, so that gives grandparents a little bit of warning!)
We have 2 kitchens, separate bathrooms etc, but have daily shared meals and share quite a lot of things including the garden, garden tools, larger kitchen stuff etc.
Whilst there are challenges to living all together, it is also fantastic! And has been a much easier transition than we anticipated. The children in particular benefit from learning so many skills from watching/helping their grandparents, and it is amazing to have some “back up” especially as a part-time working Mum, for when someone is sick or work is hectic.
My parents in law also do 3 days a week wrap around care for my school-aged son, and one over night babysitting a week, which is so great for our marriage to have regular complete conversations and time out.
One thing that I would recommend is making sure that everyone has their own space and that you have very open communication about expectations/niggles etc.

I know this post is from quite a while ago, but I wanted to chime in and ask whether you had found any groups near you? We are based in Newport and our daughter goes to the Cardiff Steiner School but I’m starting to try and put roots out to find some families with similar mindsets to ours to socialise with! A little tricky when you dislike using Facebook!

When we lived in Cardiff we used to use the Steiner school mother and baby groups alot - so lovely!
Am still trying to find groups really. NCT Caerphilly and Cardiff are pretty active and do a monthly walk at Tredegar house. Greenmeadow farm have interesting days.
Maybe we should start our own group? Beckyx

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