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Hello toeveryone at this forum. My name is Amanda. I’m new member at this forum. I and
my husband were travelling a lot before I gave birth to our amazing little son,
Gareth. Since our son is a little bit older we decided to start travelling
again. We want to buy an umbrella stroller that is similar to these ones. Also,I found that there is an infant umbrella stroller that seems the most suitablefor travelling. But I’m still not sure. I was wondering how you guys travel or
travelled with your infant kinds. Is it difficult? How about the stroller? I
would be really grateful if you could share your experience or
opinion/suggestions about these strollers. Thanks.

Hi Amanda,

I’ve done a few long haul trips with my 14 month old daughter and have found to be honest that it was much easier to use a carrier/sling.  I know that most airlines will let you stow a stroller or car seat either at check-in or at the gate free of charge, but once I’ve reached the destination I’ve always preferred to be hands-free and use a carrier.
The travelling itself has always been a lot easier than I imagined.  If your child is under one then definitely book a bulk-head seat on the plane and request a bassinet.  If not, some airlines will block the seat next to you so that your toddler can stretch out a bit.  Other tips are that I bring a new ‘lift-the-flap’ book to keep my little one entertained, use a bum-bag to keep nappy change essentials in as the airplane toilets are so cramped and also make sure that I either feed or use a dummy for take-off and landing to stop ear-aches.  Hope some of this helps and best of luck with your adventures.

I agree with sundayalways.  My children are much older now but I travelled a lot with my eldest when he was really little.  We never took a pram of any kind on any of our trips always a sling/wrap.  Requesting bulk head seats is a must.  If you don’t get allocated them there used to be a system at the boarding gate whereby you could request to swop your allocated seats, we got lucky every time, lots of people don’t want the bulk head seats!  I never took much in the way of stuff to amuse them they always find things wherever you are.

I’ve done a few train and plane journeys with my little boy, occasionally with my husband, occasionally alone and once with my mother (extra baggage!).
I’m going to disagree and say I did take an umbrella stroller and found it invaluable. He fell asleep in the airport for a while and, considering there was a lot of holding/carrying/sitting on knees, he was pleased to have his own space.
I have a connecta, it shoves underneath most strollers, and a second hand maclaren stroller, it has a handle on the side when folded and is light, so I can carry it whilst my son is in the sling (with relative ease).
I switched to a backpack, front carried my son and then had hands free for everything else (my Mum’s case and hand luggage…)
No, I wouldn’t say it is difficult though, different definitely! I had to relax on his food and he had endless snacks, but the airport staff could not have been more helpful. I bought him a tshirt saying first time flyer (worn for 3 flights now!) which got the other passengers cooing rather than getting instantly annoyed!

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