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Can anyone recommend natural remedy for mouth ulcer in 7yr old?
My little one has developed one and wondered if anyone else has a tried and tested remedy.
I’ve found info on aloe vera and using lavender mouthwash but don’t have any at home right now. Any top tips?
Thanks all x

I was brought up on bonjella :-( but apparently gently rubbing honey on the area is a good reliever of the pain, and I’m sure your 7yr old will like it grin

We’ve been lucky none of us have had any until dd now - not nice eh…thanks your right honey she can cope with :) even if just takes her mind off it.
Have lovely weekend x

Not tried honey, hope it works, mouth ulcers are horrible.  They can be a symptom of tiredness and being generally run down so lots of sleep and healthy food is good too!

Thanks yes I had that thought so made sure plenty of B vitamins in particular and earlier nights since posted as well as honey and luckily has cleared quickly for her thanks

That’s good to hear!


I have found a remedy with coconut oil. It says:

“Coconut oil helps in reducing the discomfort caused due to the ulcer by reducing the swelling. Anti-inflammatory compounds in coconut oil help in doing so. All you need to do is dab a cotton ball in some virgin coconut oil and apply it on your ulcers. Repeat this after every few hours. You can also apply coconut oil to ulcers and sleep with it.”

I hope this helps

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