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Hi - very thankful for any help or experience shared…..

It wouldsem that as soon as u start solids iron reducing do to new bacteria metabolising them…...foods richer in iron to replce this cannot be eaten until a year…

also many enzymes are up to scratch to deal with foods…some not until 36 mths ?

its made me think whether its the untro to foods that encouraged theses enzymes or should we all really wait later!?

......Anyone wait to introduce solids at 1 year or even later?

.......Im also keen to learn whether if breast fed babies stay at the breast longer if solids start after a year

sorry baby on lap havent re read this!


I think the baby on lap has been interfering sorry I can’t really make sense of this!  That could just be me tho!

I think from when children can sit independently they should be given the option to eat but not forced. Have you read “My Child won’t eat”? It is fascinating reading about eating and culture and the gut.
My eldest started eating bits of my plate at 8 months and steadily ate more and self weaned at 19 months. Middle had no interest in food till 18 months and I weaned at 4. Littly grabbed food from 5 months and i dropped her last feed at a year and she was much more interested in food. All three have similliar immune systems and general health. So i think there isn’t a set rule as such more that every person is an individual.

Learning from my beautiful daughters everyday

We do not own the world, we borrow it for a while from our children

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