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Hi Just been sent this… I’ve signed and thought would share in case anyone here feels the same x

Dear friends,

This is urgent! Trump is ready to bless a merger between chemical giants
Monsanto and Bayer to create a $100 billion agribusiness beast designed
to dominate our earth’s food system.

It’s not only bad business to allow one company to grow this huge, it’s
against the law. And two little known regulators in the US and Europe
can stop the deal. The problem is they’re being pounded by lobbying from
two of the world’s most powerful corporations and a President hell-bent
on seeing the deal succeed. 

Only a massive movement like ours can counter the assault.

We beat Monsanto twice last year in exactly this way, but this time we
need unprecedented numbers to show the regulators people everywhere want
to stop a megaplan backed by President Trump. Add your name: 

Click to stop this monster marriage made in hell:

Monsanto and Bayer combined would dominate global crops and pesticides,
and control our food system! And these are companies that have poisoned
bee populations, river water, food and created seeds that die after one
generation so that small farmers remain loyal customers under crippling

Bayer and Monsanto met with Trump before he took office and he released a
statement afterwards taking credit for large pieces of the merger
megaplan. But luckily the EU’s competition commissioner still has the
power to block the deal and the US antitrust chief can file a lawsuit if
they decide it goes against the public interest. 

Both regulators are under massive pressure to waive the deal through.
But we’ve foiled this kind of contract before. Let’s build a call so
strong that these public defenders move to protect the common good:  

Click to stop this monster marriage made in hell:

We already blocked the license renewal of Monsanto’s biggest product,
glyphosate, and helped ban one of Bayer’s bee-killing pesticides in
Europe. Let’s show them that even if they try to team up, we will stand
up and fight together for our health, our food, our farms, and our

With determination,

Pascal, Nick, Dalia, Alice, Bert, Danny and the rest of the Avaaz team


Thank you for posting had missed this one!

Signed !

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