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Once you have signed up and logged in you’ll now be able to see ‘View New Posts’ , ‘View Todays Active Topics’, ‘View Pending Posts’, and ‘Mark All Posts As Read’. You can also now click on a users name to message them and view their profile.

Thank goodness for that! Thank you, looks better already.

It looks great Jez, thank you!

Yay!! That is going to make it so much easier…..looks amazing and thank you so much Jez and team for listening….it’s been such a lovely community to be a part of, so much nicer than Facebook, wink

Hi James, thank you for your feedback, we think you are right about the dimming effect on the forum we will change that to make it a more fluid experience.

It looks great!!

It looks great!!  thank you!

It is more convenient. Thank you for that!

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