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Hello to anyone here today
Its a bit chilly/damp here but very happy for a little more daylight…feel like I’ve started to waken :)

Seasons blessings to you all xx

Ostara blessings to you too! We’ve been without internet for 3 weeks, we changed provider and they made a massive mess of it…but back now. We’ve had blue skies here for most of the day, although we headed out for a spring walk and retreated home under a hailstorm! It was lovely nonetheless, watching lambs frolic and chase each other through the woods, seeing lots of buds and blossom…..I know what you mean about waking up, I have that ‘all-of-a-sudden-rush-of-energy’ feeling too.

It is wonderful isn’t it.  We went out and had a small ceremony in a local woods and the children made fairy houses and ran wild!  It was lovely smile

I’d love to make fairy houses but my kids are bit old now :-(  Happy spring lovely people.

Surely you are never too old to make fairy houses! wink

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