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Hi, there!I decided to post here cause I need some help and support. My problem is a bad
ovarian reserve. It’s the main reason why I can’t get pregnant. I have never
had any problems with my periods, my uterus or ovaries. My menstruation was
always a regular one. The problems started when I got married and my DH and I
decided to conceive a baby. We’ve been TTC for nearly three years without any
positive results. Then I decided to consult my gyny. She asked me to do some
health tests and said that everything is ok. My hubby also tested his sperm and
the test result was ok. My gyny diagnosed me with unexplained infertility and
advised to try an IVF. We had an IVF 6 months ago. They collected only 5 eggs
and 2 of them were fertilized and put into my uterus. I did get pregnant.
Unfortunately, I had a MC when I was 5 weeks pregnant. The RE who was in charge
of my IVF program told me that my oocytes are of bad quality. This was the main
reason why I couldn’t get pregnant all these years and why I had a MC after my
IVF. He advised us to try ED… For me, it was like a big blow. I considered
myself to be a healthy woman. I have two sisters and both of them are already
mommies… Every time I visit them, I feel a little bit jealous when I see how
they hug and kiss their children. My DH also looks forward to becoming a dad.
He says we should try IVF with a donor egg.We have even visited two fertility
clinics. The first one seems to be a reputable one. We’ve found loads of favorable
feedbacks about them on various fertility sites. However, when we visited them,
we were a little bit puzzled. The clinic turned to be not so big as we expected.
However, it was so overcrowded. We had to wait nearly 2 hours before the
fertility specialist was ready to meet. I liked the doctor. She was very
attentive and asked us loads of questions. The second clinic was empty, but I
didn’t like the atmosphere there. The RE we met there was very soothing, but
she didn’t turn to be a good specialist. Now, we have to decide what to do
further: continue TTC naturally or try an ED? I feel trapped and need your help

I’m so sorry to hear you are having problems. I don’t have any advice to offer but couldn’t just read and leave so I wanted to wish you well and hope that someone with something more helpful to offer will come along soon. Sending hugs and wishes to you and a “be kind to yourself” in the meantime. I don’t think there is a right or wrong on this, whatever you choose and whatever outcome you have, trust yourself and your heart to do the thing that feels right to you - wishing you all the luck in the world x

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Hi, dear! It’s a pity that you have to face all those struggles with your fertility. Having a bad ovarian reserve may become a real obstacle for those who want to TTC a child. However, you shouldn’t give up by any means. I know that a healthy lifestyle and correct dieting may help you to improve the quality of the oocytes. Are you overweight, hun? If so, you may try to reduce your weight and get pregnant. As for the clinics, I think you should choose the one you really feel comfortable with. You must totally trust the doctors who will help you to become pregnant! For me, having loads of clients may be a good sign. You may contact their client manager and tell him about the things you disliked about the clinic. If it’s a reputable institution, it will fix its faults. You may also try to check the feeedbacks about the clinic on various fertility forums. I would recommend you to post on the fertility forums. You may find some buddies there. At any rate, I wish you good luck in your fertility journey. Xxx

Hi,ladies. Thanks for your answers. It’s great that I had an opportunity to meet you here. I felt so lonely and upset these days, and your posts have cheered me up in some way. As far as I know, a bad ovarian reserve might be a genetic issue. I do have several female relatives who are infertile. These are my cousin and my aunt. I’m the third one. As for the clinics, I really liked the first clinic. We have found loads of favorable feedbacks about them on various fertility forums. They don’t charge much for their services, and it’s great. Nevertheless, they have long lines. My hubby didn’t like it. He says we shouldn’t deal with them. He’s a hot tempered guy: waiting in the queue drives him mad. I think it’s the main reason why he doesn’t want to deal with the first clinic.

Hi! I think you should pay more attention to the way they would find an egg donor for you. It’s better to use the eggs of young egg donors. You should check the health tests of the woman who’s going to share her eggs with you. It must be done to be sure that you’ll going to use oocytes of the highest quality. Pay attention to the donor’s heredity. Her close relatives shouldn’t have nay hereditary illnesses.

Circe, thanks for the clue. I would certainly take into consideration these things while choosing the fertility clinic. However, the clinic we’ve got interested in does offer oocytes of egg donors who are 18-25 years old. Of course, they ask them to do various health tests. (I did found loads of tests in the egg donor’s profiles.) They also pay attention to the donor’s heredity and check their family trees. Our program coordinator told us that they don’t deal with the egg donor’s whose parents, grandparents, aunt’s and uncles have any heredity issues. They also accept women who have given birth to at at least one healthy child.

Hi! I think you should be very cautious while choosing DE IVF as a way to become a mum. It’s a more complicated procedure than you first think. The baby conceived with the help of a donor egg will never be yours. Are you ready for this, dear? You will have to explain your baby why you and he or she aren’t alike. In addition, in some countries like the UK egg donation isn’t totally anonymous. It means your baby will get an opportunity to meet his biological mum when he or she grows up. Just think twice before making the final decision.

Hi, Blooming! I quite understand what you mean, dear, but I don’t agree with you. I really want to become pregnant and give birth to the child. I want to see how it is to breastfeed… I think this is the main reason we’re going to do DE IVF. Though this child will be conceived with the help of a donor egg, my DH will be his father and I will give birth to this child. We’re going to deal with the clinic, which is situated abroad. It’s a Ukrainian fertility clinic. DE IVF is conducted on a totally anonymous basis. It means none will be able to get information about the egg donor, the egg recipient and the baby conceived with the help of a donor oocyte. Of course, it’s quite difficult to find a woman who would resemble me greatly. But they would try to find a woman with the same type of the body, hair and eye color. Our program manager told us that they often use a special software to find an appropriate egg donor from their database. If we sign up a contract with them, we’ll be able to see the donor’s 3D photo. This the way the clinic chooses egg donors for their clients. What do you think about it? Is it really good that they offer us to glimpse at the photo of the egg donor?

I think it’s great that they’ll give you an opportunity to glimpse at the donor’s photos. As far as I know, not all fertility clinics are ready to provide this. However, will they charge any additional fees for the opportunity to see a 3D photo of the egg donor? Some fertility clinics do this. What about the one you’ve got interested in? Did they offer you any optional services?
P.S. My close friend used to cycle in a Spanish fertility clinic. They quite liked the initial price and the package of services they were offered. However, the RE they consulted started to ask them to do quite a lot of tests. This made the final sum they had to pay rather big.

Camomile, please read the book “It starts with the egg” by Rebecca Fett. Why don’t you give IVF one last shot after at least 3 months of doing all the things she suggests? I had two miscarriages (due to unhealthy eggs) and then after reading the book and taking the supplements/following the lifestyle advice STRICTLY I quickly got pregnant. Last year I gave birth to a super healthy beautiful baby boy. Using a donor egg would still be an option if it doesn’t work, but it might be worth one last shot for a child that is genetically yours and your husband’s - a product of your love together. Good luck!

Sounds quite ok, hun! I think it’s really great that you’ll be able to see 3D photos of egg donors. Not all fertility clinics are ready to offer such an option. However, is it an optional service? Will they charge any additional fees for the opportunity to see egg donors photos? Some fertility clinics do this… What about the one you’ve got interested in?

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