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Hello Green Gardeners! We have decided to grow our own strawberries this year, can you give me the best tips for ensuring a gorgeous crop at the end of the season? They are growing in a speckled shade south facing garden in Spain, i appreciate the climate difference is huge but all tips are welcome. thank you so much! 

Strawberries are great to grow ‘cos they’re easy and plants last for a few years (or more!). The biggest key to success for me is plenty of well-rotted chicken manure in the bed before planting and then again in late autumn every year. Also mulching each plant with a load of straw to prevent slugs and to slow water evaporation from the soil. Good luck! xx

and cover with net or the birds will eat the lot!

Yep, a net is essential, once a bird has pecked a tiny hole in one the insects move in and eat the rest :-(
The thing I love about our little strawb patch is that they keep growing year after year in the same place with nothing other than a good water very few days, I’ve read that they shouldn’t last in the same spot on other forums. Does anyone have wild strawbs growing in or around their garden?

We have wild strawberries in our little garden in Buckinghamshire. They have been in the same place for at least 5 years, never heard that they shouldn’t last in the same spot - ours certainly do and they’re always tasty. Agree a net and frequent watering when they’re fruiting is vital! Although the birds would struggle to get them before the children do smile

We have wild strawberries all over our garden!  They were bought to me by the birds.  I tried to grow cultivated plants for a few years, a long time ago now, but our summers are too often wet, cold and lacking in enough sun for any fruit to ripen.  The one year they did we were away the whole time the plants were in fruit, our neighbour did well out of them!  I never do anything to the wild strawberries except pull up the odd plant when they are starting to take over…....oh and eat the delicious fruit, of course!

Great tips everyone, thank you so much! We have 6 lovely hens who make the greatest straw manure and we use it every time we put something in the ground, does anyone make chicken poop soup fertiliser? Would love to learn more about that! We planted little strawberry plants in march and we already have 2 little green fruits! Seasons are so different here in Spain to what i was used to in England but there’s no reason why these great tips won’t work, i know i have to keep them a little more shaded than usual though, will this affect the strawberries? Xx

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